Bannerlord Expanded

Bannerlord Expanded

This is my personal take on an expansion of many features in the game.

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Everything works as of 3/22/22 if you download Harmony, ButterLib, UIExtenderEx, and Mod Configuration Menu V4. Those aren't in this collection because I found that I had the best success when I downloaded those manually (i.e. drag the mod into the mods folder per each mod's instructions). Also not listed is Kaoses Tweaks which I had to download manually but highly recommend.

MAKE SURE you download the required mods that some of these mention. I wasn't able to get this all to work properly until I manually downloaded and placed the mod files for things like ButterLib, Harmony, etc. into the game. It's really easy to do though, and there are guides on the mods' respective pages.

This is my personal take on an expansion of many features in the game. Highlights include Xorberax's Legacy (includes training, horse combat improvements, etc), dismemberment, better looting, troop sorting, diplomacy, improved garrisons, and a couple other staples.

Let me know if anything is broken or if you have suggestions.

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