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Just a collection of basic mods I feel are necessary to enjoy the game in this day and age. Created mostly for my friends to play with. Feel free to use it for anything

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Step 0: Vortex

  • Install Vortex
  • Go to games and select Fallout New vegas
  • You might get a thing that says "Can't deploy"
  • Select Fix or look for fixes
  • Select the first fix option.
  • If you go to settings > mods your deployment method should be Hardlink
  • Go to plugins and enable all (these are the DLC)

Step 1: Installing xNVSE

  • Go to
  • Scroll down
  • Under "Assets" click on nvse_6_2_7.7z to download
  • Extract using an unziping tool
  • Copy and paste the files on the root FNV directory (Usually ...\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout New Vegas)

Step 2: Installing Heap Replacer

  • Go to
  • Under the "Files" tab select "Manual Download"
  • Extract using unziping tool
  • Run cpu_info.exe
  • Read "===Use...==="
  • Open the file with the name the program told you (In my case AVX2)
  • Drop the dll file on the game's root folder (Usually ...\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout New Vegas)

Step 3: 4GB Patch

  • Go to
  • Under Files download the top file
  • Extract the .exe file to the game's root folder
  • Right click on FNVpatch.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Close the command promt.
  • Check to see if a file named "FalloutNV_backup.exe" was created in the Root Folder.

Step 4: Install Collection

  • Simply click on the big orange button near the top of this page, where it says "Add to Vortex"
  • Wait for everything to download
  • Enable the mods

Step 5: Running the game

  • Launch the game
  • Open the console
  • Enter "GetNVSEVersion" should output "NVSE version: 6"
  • Enter "GetIsLAA" should output "GetIsLAA >> 2"
  • Enter "IsDLLLoaded d3dx9_38" should output "IsDLLLoaded "d3dx9_38.dll" >> 1"
  • Enter "IsDLLLoaded NVAC" should output "IsDLLLoaded "nvac.dll" >> 1"
  • Enter "IsDLLLoaded NVTF" should output "IsDLLLoaded "nvtf.dll" >> 1"
  • Enter "IsDLLLoaded mlf" should output "IsDLLLoaded "mlf.dll" >> 1"
  • Note: If you're having trouble using the console (which is opened using the "~" or " ` " keys) check this site

If you got everything right by step 4 you should be able to play the game. You can now install other mods if you'd like.

Note: This is some basic stuff, if you want to get more involved in the modding process I recommend checking the following links to get properly started into modding and be able to make your own mod list.

Both of these really helped me out in understanding modding and overall enjoy my games a lot more. Viva New Vegas uses MO2, which in my opinion is better, but you can get away with using Vortex which is simpler.

I don't know how to credit the people that made the mods I included in the description (which have to be installed manually and thus couldn't just add to the collection). So I'll credit them here (sorry for the inconvenience, you are all awesome and do so much for our community. Thank you).

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