NV Rebuilt [10b/10] - LOD Files

NV Rebuilt [10b/10] - LOD Files

Part of the New Vegas: Rebuilt modding guide split into modular Collections that should work independently. This Collection includes LOD files needed for LOD generation with xLODGen.

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Please not that upon installing this Collection, you may receive a warning about my game version being different to yours. You can ignore this because it was caused by me accidentally generating LOD to the wrong folder which made Vortex recognise my NV install as a new game version. I haven't gotten around to fixing this yet since I'm still working on the guide and don't want to risk breaking my New Vegas install by wiping the LOD folder.

LOD generation is only required if you installed Collections 8a and 8b. You can ignore this Collection if you didn't.

New Vegas Rebuilt is a huge modding guide for Fallout New Vegas I've been writing since 2020. It's written from a complete beginner perspective as I wrote the guide whilst delving into New Vegas for the first time optimising the final selection after 200+ hours of playing. I referenced several other mod guides during the process.

Its designed to fix bugs, improve stability, restore as much cut content as possible, refine vanilla gameplay, further expand it with gameplay additions that tonally fit the original and finally remaster every conceivable graphical aspect. The final mod list totals around 400 mods.

These Collections are being released before the guide for testing. Each Collection represents a specific overhaul area category with 11 overall. You should be able to modularly mix-and-match the Collections to your own preferences if you wish to do so.

By trying out this Collection before the guide release, you're essentially testing the Collections for me. I'm all ears to feedback and encourage you to comment letting me know if the Collection worked as expected. I'm open to further suggestions that suit the category this particular Collection overhauls. Once the guide is released it should be fully read on release before installing any Collections as it explains what each mod does in detail.

First Time Players Suggestion

If you're looking for a vanilla experience on your first playthrough of Fallout New Vegas, I'd recommend installing only Collections 1-4 and 7 alongside Gopher's Stable New Vegas and Gopher's Darnified UI Collections. This combination will optimise performance, restore cut content, improve vanilla gameplay without radically changing it's original feel and overhaul lighting. Collections 8a and 8b will improve your graphics as well, but it will require LOD generation too via Collection 10b which may be daunting for someone who has never done it before.

Collection Testing

This snippet is taken from the guide:

I’ve grouped my mod recommendations into categorised sections. I’d highly recommend starting a new game with zero mods, saving in Doc Mitchell’s house immediately after using the Vigor Tester (stat creation) before you go outside and loading it up after each mod section to test if everything works as expected. Saving there lets you test interior loading, exterior loading when you exit the house, NPC interaction and combat quickly.

Please be aware that due to the huge number of mods New Vegas may still crash unpredictably. Autosaving is also known to cause problems. Turn off autosaves in Settings and manually save regularly to avoid crashes causing any save corruption.

Collection Overview

This Collection includes file for LOD generation. Below is an except from the last section of the guide outling how to do LOD generation if you've never done it before. It also includes screenshots (Collection descriptions presently don't support images).

The Final Required Remastered Visuals Step - LOD Generation

This is required if you installed Collection 8a and 8b overhauling the graphics. You can skip this if you didn’t. You will 100% experience broken distant visuals if you don’t follow this step!

Once you have all your mods installed, we’ll finish up with the most complex mod setup - LOD generation. The New Vegas engine streams distant objects in and out of view as you explore. This is known as Level of Detail (LOD). By default the game has a pretty sparse LOD causing nasty pop-in and framerate drops, plus you will experience endless pop-in visual glitches due to the vanilla LOD not matching the numerous mods you’ve installed. You can use a program called xLODGen combined with several LOD resource mods to pre-generate LOD objects files, resolving the pop-in problems whilst improving visuals and performance.

This section is essentially the excellent Viva New Vegas LOD guide with instructions rewritten specifically for Vortex alongside the unique mod combinations of this guide. You should only generate object LOD as terrain LOD offers minimal performance benefits.

LOD Generation - xLODGen Vortex Setup

    1. Download the latest xLODGen and extract it to a folder of your choice.
    1. Open Vortex and click the ‘Dashboard’ button. Next to the large Fallout New Vegas launcher button, click ‘Add Tool→New…’
    1. Set the name to ‘xLODGen’, the ‘Target’ to the xLODGen.exe in the directory you extracted it to, then set Command Line to ‘-FNV -O:"D:\xLODGen Output". The file path in double quotes is where xLODGen will dump its LOD files after generation, so change D to your drive letter as suitable. Click save to save it.

LOD Generation - LOD File Conflict Settings

After downloading and installing this collection, ensure the File Conflicts look like so (click the tree icon at the top of Vortex labelled 'Manage Rules'):

FNVLODGen Resources Conflicts

Before: Everything (all other LOD mods are more up-to-date than this)

After: Nothing

FNV POCO LOD Texture Patch

Before: Everything

After: Nothing

LOD Supplementation Conflicts

Before: n/a

After: LODAdditions

LODAddition Conflicts

Before: Animated Tents, F4NV Billboards, TCM’s LOD Overhaul, FNV LOD Supplementation, Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul

After: FNVLODGen Resoruces, NMC (designed for it)

Much Needed LOD NMC Patch Conflicts

After: All

TCM’s LOD Overhaul Conflicts

Before: Better Strip View Addon, FNV Poco LOD Texture Patch, Superpele’s Distorted ReTexture Pack

After: LODAdditions, NMC, New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod

Better Strip View Addon Only Conflicts

Before: n/a

After: LOD Overhaul, FNVLODGenResources

Install TCM Lod’s LOD Overhaul last if you get a mod cycle error by right clicking on the node->’Load Last’ (it’s the most recent and therefore up-to-date LOD resource).

If you receive an error regarding too many plugins activated, disable any mods that don't impact graphics temporarily in the ‘Plugins’ tab. The LOD mods can be disabled once LOD generation is complete, then you can re-enable any plugins you temporarily disabled.

LOD Generation - xLODGen LOD Generation

Once you’ve enabled the LOD mods, resolved the file conflicts and deployed your final mod setup using the chain ‘Deploy Mods’ button in Vortex, it’s time to finally generate your LOD. The last step before we’re done with modding New Vegas.

Click ‘Dashboard’ in Vortex and the play button next to xLODGen. Once the program has loaded, right-click in the left pane and click Select All. In the right pane, check Objects LOD but leave Trees LOD and Terrain LOD unchecked (tree LOD is not functional in New Vegas; LOD for trees is covered in Object LOD). Under the Objects LOD section, change the Atlas size option to 8192 x 8192, then click Generate.

LOD Generation - LOD Output Zipping and Enabling

Navigate to the folder you chose to enter within the ‘Command Line’ Vortex option i.e. mine was D:\xLODGen Output. Select all the contents inside, right click, ‘send to→Compressed (zipped) folder’. This turns the xLODGen output into a .zip mod you can add to Vortex like any other mod. Name the .zip ‘xLODGen LOD year.month.date’ as you’ll have to regenerate this whenever installing mods that impact world textures, so adding the date in that format should make it easy to troubleshoot LOD problems.

You should then disable the LOD Files Collection to remove the now redundant LOD resources, click the plus button in the ‘Mods’ list and select the zip you just made. The zip mod you just made is of your uniquely generated LOD files for the selection of mods you've chosen to install. Install it, enable it, and you’re finally ready to enjoy an extensively enhanced New Vegas experience with optimizations, bug fixes, restored content and many gameplay enhancements curated to enhance the original vanilla experience rather than radically change it. Enjoy!

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