NV Rebuilt [3/10] - Restored Content

NV Rebuilt [3/10] - Restored Content

Part of the New Vegas: Rebuilt modding guide. This Collection restores most content cut by Obsidian due to console performance concerns or develelopment deadlines.

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Please note that upon installing my Collections, you may receive a warning about my game version being different to yours. You can ignore this because it's solely caused by running BSA Decompressor.

Gopher's Darnified UI is Collection 2/10 in this Collection series: https://next.nexusmods.com/newvegas/collections/hckjj6

New Vegas Rebuilt is a huge modding guide for Fallout New Vegas I've been writing since 2020. It's written from a complete beginner perspective as I wrote the guide whilst delving into New Vegas for the first time optimising the final selection after 200+ hours of playing. I referenced several other mod guides during the process.

Its designed to fix bugs, improve stability, restore as much cut content as possible, refine vanilla gameplay, further expand it with gameplay additions that tonally fit the original and finally remaster every conceivable graphical aspect. The final mod list totals around 400 mods.

These Collections are being released before the guide for testing. Each Collection represents a specific overhaul area category with 11 overall. You should be able to modularly mix-and-match the Collections to your own preferences if you wish to do so.

By trying out this Collection before the guide release, you're essentially testing the Collections for me. I'm all ears to feedback and encourage you to comment letting me know if the Collection worked as expected. I'm open to further suggestions that suit the category this particular Collection overhauls. Once the guide is released it should be fully read on release before installing any Collections as it explains what each mod does in detail.


If you're choosing to install a selection of these Collections rather than all of them, you MUST install DiDisaan's Patch Emporium (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64981) for compatibility patches or your New Vegas game will break. This mod is included in NV Rebuilt [10a/10] - Patches & FPGE, but you should install Patch Emporim separately if you're not installing all Collections. Ensure the following patches are selected (it should do so automatically via the installer options):

Legion Quests Expanded

  • New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets

Simple Open Freeside

  • New Vegas Uncut - Panzerman's Edition
  • Uncut Extra Collection


  • Legion Quests Expanded

First Time Players Suggestion

If you're looking for a vanilla experience on your first playthrough of Fallout New Vegas, I'd recommend installing only Collections 1-4 and 7 alongside Gopher's Stable New Vegas and Gopher's Darnified UI Collections. This combination will optimise performance, restore cut content, improve vanilla gameplay without radically changing it's original feel and overhaul lighting. Collections 8a and 8b will improve your graphics as well, but it will require LOD generation too via Collection 10b which may be daunting for someone who has never done it before.

Collection Testing

This snippet is taken from the guide:

I’ve grouped my mod recommendations into categorised sections. I’d highly recommend starting a new game with zero mods, saving in Doc Mitchell’s house immediately after using the Vigor Tester (stat creation) before you go outside and loading it up after each mod section to test if everything works as expected. Saving there lets you test interior loading, exterior loading when you exit the house, NPC interaction and combat quickly.

Please be aware that due to the huge number of mods New Vegas may still crash unpredictably. Autosaving is also known to cause problems. Turn off autosaves in Settings and manually save regularly to avoid crashes causing any save corruption.

Collection Overview

This Collection restores most unfinished content that IMO adheres to Obsidian's original design vision.

Plugin Merging Steps

Due to the large number of mods all these Collections add, you are likely to hit the 255 plugin limit. If you do you can follow these steps to resolve it. Don't do this if your plugin number is below 255 as plugin mergers can be tricky to get working right. Vortex will give you an error and not let you start New Vegas if you hit the 255 limit.

Follow this plugin merging video from GamerPoets, just select FalloutNV instead of Skyrim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ1mdOGosdc

These are the plugin mergers I did related to mods in this Collection. It will replace the selected .esp plugins with a new merged one, then disable the .esp plugins you selected since your merger will make them redundant. I tested the mergers and they work as expected. You should only merge as much as you need to get your plugin number below 255 to avoid mod problems.

SLRF Patches.esp (includes mods from the NPC Expansion Collection and World Overhaul Collection you can ignore if you didn't install those Collections)

  • Strip Lights Region Fix - Legion Quests Expanded
  • Strip Lights Region Fix - Distant Water Jets
  • Strip Lights Region Fix - The Living Desert Patch
  • Strip Lights Region Fix - Vault 22 Flora Overhaul Remastered
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