batbrain1998's Improved Vanilla - V3

batbrain1998's Improved Vanilla - V3

!!PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PLAYING!! This modpack aims to add polish and improvements to a vanilla-ish Fallout: New Vegas experience, as well as be as easy as possible to set up for the sake of first time players or first time modders.

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This modpack aims to add polish and improvements to a vanilla-ish Fallout: New Vegas experience, as well as be as easy as possible to set up for the sake of first time players or first time modders.

Main features

  • Sprinting
  • Quick loot
  • A better FPS experience, with improved crosshairs, ironsights and recoil.
  • Perception actually affects accuracy. The game says it does, but it doesn't, and this pack fixes that.
  • Easy-to-read icons for inventory items, and the ability to sort items.
  • Better lockpicking and hacking minigames, with no way to permanently break a lock or lockdown a computer.
  • Restored content, including areas, NPCs and a cut companion (Betsy, a pack animal who is vital if you want to enable the stricter carry weight)
  • Improved and more numerous Mojave dropboxes, that act as universal storage like in The Witcher 3. Another measure to balance your lower carry weight.
  • More scenery mostly based on restored content.
  • Both you and enemies deal more damage, making combat more fast-paced and dangerous.
  • Both preorder bonus content and Gun Runners' Arsenal weapons are scattered through the wasteland. Get to explorin'!
  • A lot of little tweaks to improve gameplay, far too many to list.
  • A bunch of recommended performance mods which when put together should avoid most crashes. Hopefully.
  • (Optional) More severe weight limit based on a mod made by one of the developers of the original game. An INI file is optionally provided to disable this change.
  • (Optional) In Hardcore Mode, the option to disable hunger, thirst and sleep for those that dislike such mechanics so the only challenge from the mode comes from ammo having weight and stimpaks not healing as quickly.

Before you start

    1. Install the 4GB patch. THIS IS CRUCIAL TO AVOID CRASHES.
    1. Use BethINI to tweak settings to your liking.
    1. Follow this guide to disable mouse acceleration. BethINI doesn't disable it.
    1. Install my Improved Vanilla Tweaks - Hardcore Carry Weight INI pack. Unzip to "steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas" or wherever you keep your game and replace all files.
  • 4.5 (Optional) - Alternatively, install my Vanilla Carry Weight INI pack instead. I would recommend the Hardcore version, however, as I think it makes looting more interesting.
    1. (Optional) - Depending on if you want it or not, disable the "Hardcore - no food water or sleep" mod or keep it enabled.
    1. (Optional) - If you want, install the 'Killable Children' mods, which I have omitted from the pack to avoid a NSFW rating.

After doing all this all your mods should be mostly set up, but you'll still have to configure things like controls hotkeys (in the vanilla menu, in the Stewie Tweaks "Tweaks" menu (search for 'key' and you'll find them) and also in the MCM menu) and difficulty settings and stuff like that. But after that you're good to go! Just be careful not to run the game from Steam, as it will reset the settings you tweaked with BethINI, and you'll have to redo those tweaks. Be sure to run the game from Vortex.

Anyway, happy trails!


  • Fallout: New Vegas and all DLCs (obviously)

Compatible collections

I don't know what this works with, but I doubt it's super duper incompatiable or anything. Try this pack with whatever else you like!

Potential Improvements

At some point I want to add something to improve useless perks and traits, but I haven't yet found a mod that does exactly what I want. I think I might have to do it myself.

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