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This collection will simplify installation of the mods in the Viva New Vegas guide, for a "perfectly stable, smooth, and most importantly, enjoyable experience."

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"Viva New Vegas is a modding guide for Fallout New Vegas that will carefully walk you through how to install all the mods you will need for a perfectly stable, smooth, and most importantly, enjoyable experience...

Stability: The guide includes all essential stability enhancements and no placebo/dangerous mods.

Performance: Every tool, setting, and mod in the guide has been carefully selected and play-tested to ensure maximum possible performance. No 4k texture mods, no ENBs, no poorly scripted weather mods, or any other un-optimized/broken mods.

Better Gameplay: The guide includes many mods that greatly improve the gameplay, without drastically overhauling the core experience or straying away from the game's original intent."

See the guide here:

This collection will simplify installation of the mods listed in the Viva New Vegas guide; however, a few steps must be taken before the collection can be properly installed.

Steps to take before you download the collection:

  1. Install runtime libraries

i. Download and install the VC++ runtime libraries:

ii. Download and install the DirectX runtime libraries:

  1. Reinstall the game

i. Delete the game’s root folder, if it exists

ii. Install the game

iii. Delete “My Games\FalloutNV”, if it exists

iv. Run the launcher and allow it to detect video settings; then make whatever changes you wish, press OK, and exit

  1. Prepare Vortex

i. In Vortex, in the Settings tab, turn on "Profile Management"

ii. In Vortex, create a new profile called "VNV", with its own settings and savegames; enable the profile

iii. In Vortex, in the Dashboard tab, turn on "Archive Invalidation"

  1. Tweak FalloutCustom.ini

i. Install the Vortex extension “Basic INI Editor”, and restart Vortex

ii. In Vortex, open the Mods tab, and select from the toolbar “INI Editor”

iii. From the dropdown menu, select “FalloutCustom.ini”, which should be empty

iv. Paste in the following:

; List of archives read on startup. Necessary when using decompressed BSAs
SArchiveList=Fallout - Invalidation.bsa, Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Textures2.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Meshes2.bsa,             Fallout - Voices1.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa

; Enables additional worker thread for minor performance improvement. Disable if you encounter audio stutter.
; Disables debug logging to save memory and CPU time
; Increases memory buffers to reduce audio issues

; Forces cell unload on fast travel to lessen memory usage

; Disables mouse acceleration

; Enables Fullscreen mode
bFull Screen=1
; Forces highest texture quality so the game won't crash if you had it set to anything lower

; Forces faster cell unload to lessen memory usage
; Spawns additional AI worker threads
; Enables multithreading for most operations

; Increases grass draw distance

; Fixes flicker when opening Pip-Boy when its light is on

v. “Save”, and then “Close”

  1. Use “BSA Decompressor”

i. Download this file from Nexus; extract and run the program; “Browse” to and select the game’s root folder, and click “Decompress”; exit when done

  1. Create and install “Ultimate Edition ESM Fixes”

i. Create an empty folder in your Documents, named “ESM Fixes”

ii. Download this file from Nexus; extract and run the program; on the second line, “Browse” to and select the new folder, and “Install”; exit when done

iii. In Vortex, open the Mods tab, and then drag the new folder into the “Drop Files” box

  1. Use “4GB Patcher”

i. Download the file “4GB Patcher” from Nexus; extract, move to the game’s root folder, and run the program; exit when done

  1. Install “New Vegas Heap Replacer”

i. Download the file from Nexus; extract, and move the contents to the game’s root folder

Having taken the above steps, you are ready to download the collection; except for one off-site requirement, the remainder of Viva New Vegas will be installed automatically.

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