HD New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas in High Definition. Enjoy.

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Collection of HD mods, including a preset for Reshade (see screenshots).

Main features
Better textures, better characters, better weapons, better sky, better weather, better lights.

Require all DLCs (some mods requirements). ReShade for post processing, this will be much better, use the preset included (you must copy the .ini in the fallout directory), but activate it only after the intro cinematic.
Also you should adjust Sun light intensity with Nevada Sky mod configuration (ingame menu) to around 1.5.

See mods descriptions.
FNV 4GB Patcher require to execute its exe in the Fallout director, see https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62552.

Also in order to get all HD textures showing in the game, I recommends to use the ArchiveInvalidation File Generator, but after that you will needs to run it each time you add/remove a texture mods. You will have an issue with the PipBoy screen as well, to fix it just remove the 2 following lines from the ArchiveInvalidation.txt file that will be generate (see the posts from the mod) :

Known issues
Sometime the game will pending at start. Using mods is not a safe thing. If happen, if using archiveinvalidation, check it again, else try to restart later (you may needs to logout (Ctrl+Alt+Del) then login again).

Recommended specs
Works fine with a common laptop (Ryzen 7 cpu, 16 Go ram and no graphic cards). So if you have better, you're good, if you have less, could be slow.

This will make Fallout New Vegas a brand new experience. This game still rocks in 2022, thanks to modders. Tons of quests, amazing ambience (sounds and musics), western style. More rich that Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 in my opinion, especially for quests and ambiance. Have fun.

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