Fallout: Newer Vegas

Fallout: Newer Vegas

A Vanilla adjacent new vegas collection. Focuses on adding guns, making the gunplay feel good, a stable experience, and a curation of new dungeons I liked while playing on Very Hard Hardcore.

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I'm tired of re-modding new vegas every year so I'm just going to keep this maintained. This should be ~30 min of setup from a fresh install.

Main features

Adds new animations for every gun, Adds fo1/2 guns, Adds some modern guns

More Mojave (new small dungeons)

Stability Fixes and QoL improvements

Vehicles are no longer included as of revision 16+. Please use Revision 15 if you'd like to play with vehicles despite the annoyances. They're pretty cool though.

Manual Mods

There are 3 mods you MUST install manually. Each of these go into fallout new vegas/ and NOT the data folder. This folder is found by right clicking new vegas on your steam list and going to manage > browse local files.

FNV 4gb patch https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62552

DXVK https://github.com/Sporif/dxvk-async/releases/tag/2.0

New Vegas Heap Replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/69779?tab=description

These should be installed into fallout new vegas/data/:

Stash Organizer (optional) https://eddoursul.win/mods/stash-organizer/

Generating LOD

This is technically optional but I recommend it. Depending on your pc specs you may want to lower from 8k to 4k, or forego LOD generation altogether. It adds strain on NV's engine.

Step 1: Download xLodGen https://stepmodifications.org/forum/topic/13451-xlodgen-terrain-lod-beta-95-for-fnv-fo3-fo4-fo4vr-tes5-sse-tes5vr-enderal-enderalse/

Step 2: Extract anywhere on your pc, and rename the .exe from xLodGen.exe to FNVLodGen.exe

Step 3: Create a shortcut of FNVLodGen.exe (yes, really), right click on the shortcut and add -o:"output/path/here" to the end of the target argument. This is telling LodGen where to put the files, and you need to manually set the file path you want. For example, my argument line in the shortcut looks like D:\xLODGen\FNVLODGen.exe -o:"D:\xLODGen\output" . This means when I run fnvLodGen, the files it creates will be found in my D Drive in the output folder of where I installed xLODGen.

Step 4: Start FNVLODGen.exe. Select all world spaces, check the box for Object LOD and make sure the box for Tree LOD is unchecked. Set Atlas size to the highest values for both dropdowns. Press generate and wait.

example image: https://imgur.com/98DooN9

Step 5: Go into your vortex staging folder and create a new folder called LodGen. Paste everything in your output folder from step 3 into this folder (ideally while vortex isn't running).

Step 6: open vortex again, enable LodGen in your mods, and let it win any argument that comes up between it and your installed mods.

Set Brayduck_Classic.esp to the index below your LODGEN file if it is not already

you can do this by clicking on the plugin and ticking the lock to index option. Example: My Lodgen folder is index 77, so I need to set brayduck_classic.esp to index 76

Final Steps

To squeeze as much stability as possible, i recommend https://wallsogb.github.io/FalloutNV-Performance-Guide/

Cheat Sheet

I - Inventory J - Quests N - Local Map M - World Map B - Minimap P - Radio O - Stats

  • Shift + Click - Transfer/Sell entire stack
  • Ctrl + Click - Transfer/Sell one from stack
  • Shift + R - Store All in container view
  • Mouse 5 + A/D - Lean Left or Right
  • Hold Space - Climb wall. Scales with agility.

Recommended In-Game Keybinds

  • C - Sneak
  • v - VATS
  • q - Melee Bash
  • x - change fire mode
  • a button you will never hit by accident in normal gameplay - Quick Save (alternate, safer quick save bound to f5 for you)
  • another button you will never hit by accident in normal gameplay - Quick Load (alternate, safer quick load auto bound to f9)

Why is he called hardcore pete????

Look at him go

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