102,000 Sky colours!

102,000 Sky colours!

Adds 3 sky mods, always kept up to date. 100,000 day skies added for variety, and 1,000 night skies and 1,000 dusks added too! Day/Night cycle is 4x longer than usual (1 hour each), and storms happen about 10 times less frequently.

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NMS only has a handful of daytime sky colour variants, and a single night and a single dusk variant. This solves that - an all-in-one solution, adding 100,000 day/night sky variations, and 1,000 nights and dusks. All generated with a carefully hand-crafted generation algorithm to keep the tone of the game overall, with most skies similar to vanilla (but any colour is possible!), yet rarer skies more alien and daring than NMS! Any sky is possible, and you'll never see the same one twice!

The mod also extends the day night cycle so days are 1 hour long, and so are nights. It also reduces storm frequency on most planets by 90%.

Other variations, without these features are available via nexus at the moment and may make it to this collection sooner or later.

Main features

Brings much needed variation to exploring the infinite. The sky colour really is an essential part to the feel and uniqueness of a planet, so unlocking endless variety here will really expand the horizons of the game.

The goal is to maintain this, and in such a way that it never changes. It will always produce the same skies on the same planets. HG might break this one day, though...

Before you start

Note that this will affect all your planets. It will change your home and favourite planets, not always for the better. Consider starting a new save! If you remove the mods, then the planets will revert, so give it a try!

If any other mods you are using modify GCSKYGLOBALS or any of the sky colour files, then this will conflict with it.

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