Pod's Mods : Modder Maintained

Pod's Mods : Modder Maintained

Updated 11/12/22 This Mod Aims To Encourage Exploration Through, Loot, Rewards, Recipes, and Traders, As well as Make Flight Fun. Make The Planets Worth Exploring for Beauty and Necessity.

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Pod's Mod Patch Notes v4.06.01 (Updated 11/12/22)

    Updated To v4.06 Waypoint

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    Modder Built and Maintained

       Just a Heads Up

  ⚠️This Mod is Meant to Be Played⚠️

     ⚠️From A New Save⚠️

   As It Will Feel Like A New Game

  •  You can attempt to play an old save but chances are space stations and bases will not be where they were. 
  •  This Collection Is Meant To Be Played Standalone. You can Try to Add Mods but I Can Almost Garantee I've Covered Everything In this Pack.  
  • These Mods Are Designed To Play With Friends (You'll Be Fine Solo)

If You'd Like A Community, And To Have Input On Where This Mod Goes As I Adjust and Add, Please Join Us Here.

Pod's Mods Discord and Custom Planet Generation


  Twitch (When I'm Not Modding)

 Overview of Exploration, Rewards,


- Added Nanite, Tainted Metal and Quicksilver Reward Chances To All Underwater Interactions  


- Added Nanite, Tainted Metal and Quicksilver Drops to all Land Based Interactions Including Non Biome Based Plants
- (Reason) - Gave Food Based Plants A Reward As Well As A Use. 

Imgur Imgur

- New Recipes Include Items Found on Land, Sea, and Caves

- Moved Some Recipes Around to lengthen early/mid game    

- Took Upgrade Modules out of the normal Reward Table (unless givin from POI or Quest/Mission) 
-	Moved Them as Purchasable Through Scrap Dealer or Procedural Craft Option Through Crafting Suspicious Boxes 

Imgur Imgur

- Weapon Upgrade Cost Changes

Picture of Weapon Upgrade Terminal

- Ship Slot upgrades now cost
- All Ship Class Upgrades are now in Quicksilver instead of Nanites

Ship Terminal

- Suit Slot Upgrades now cost 15 Hadal Cores or Units

Suit Upgrade

- Replaced Starship Launch Fuel with Repair Kit Recipe In Anomoly 
- (You  Already Know Starship Fuel You Don't Need to Learn It)

Picuture of Repair Kit Recipe

- Added Recipes to Synthesis Lab For Suspicious Tech, Goods, and Weapons Caches

Pic of Suspicious Tech Rec

- Changed Exocraft Purchases Currency Type From Salvage Data To Tainted Metal


- Changed Currency Type for Exocraft Upgrades in Anomaly to Quicksilver


- Added Memory Fragments and Dream Aerial to Suspicious Goods


- Added Suspicious Sentinel Mods to Suspicious Weapons Caches 

- Changed Ion Battery Recipe to Sodium and Salvage Data (Changed to Cobalt and Sodium)
- (Reason) Made it Cost Less Sodium Than A Full Charge/Moneysink For Salvage Data


- Changed Recipe for StarShield Batteries (changed to Tainted Metal/Plate)


- Removed Slime from almost everything
- (Reason) Waste of Time Refining/Makes Mould More Exciting. 

- Removed Frigate Modules from Vanilla Drops and Moved Them To All Abandoned and Crashed Freighters  

- Removed Ship and Freighter Teleport Recievers   
(Reason) - Give Nav Data A Reason To Exist, Maps Have a Use Again, a Reason to use Haulers for Transport As Well As Make Hauling Illegal Cargo Have Risk  

- Reduced the buy and sell cost of Illegal Goods at Space Stations to Encourage Selling Elsewhere  
(Reason) - Trying to Give a Reason to Use Hauler Type Ships  

- Added Quicksilver, Tainted Metal and Nanite Drop Chance on Ship Salvage  

- Added Frigate Tokens, Quicksilver, Nanite Drops, Tainted Metal to some Missions

- Full Economy Overhaul Including 

- Prices For Minerals Increased
- (Reason) - Persuade You From Buying All Your Materials In Early Game (These Prices Become Bearable) 

- Prices For All Anomaly Products Increased
- (Reason) - Make Getting Things More Rewarding/Increase Early Mid Game

- All Exocraft Stats and Handling Changed To Increase Realism/Make Them FUN to Drive (No More 12/u per hour)
- (Reason) - They Cost More They Should Be Worth It  

- Prices for all Upgrade Modules Increased (Also 2 More Options For Upgrade Modules)
- (Reason) - Didn't Want These Handed Out Like Candy  

- Planets Are Further Apart
- (Reason) - Give Solar Ships A Reason As Tritium Gets Used Far More. Avg Travel Time 45s to 2m30s

- Less Buildings and Aliens Around as Well As More Uninhabited Systems
- (Reason) - Elite Dangerous Inspired Less Life = More Exciting When You Find It (Also Gives Exocraft Scanners Better Use)
- You Probably Won't Start In A System With A Space Station (Look For Life On The Galaxy Map Before Warping)
- Chances of Stations Being Broken (Even if it shows life on the galaxy map) Are Increased. 
- If You Do Find A Space Station Chances Are All The NPC's Won't Be There (No One Wants To Work These Days ;)

Imgur Imgur - (My Cheat) I Name The Systems and Then Add What NPC's Exist In That Station - (Reason) - Gives You More Exploring Of The Galaxy and It May Suck but Really Adds a Fun Element To The Game

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            What's Included

                         - Pod's Mods

0g flight in space

Fly Under Land Bridges

Planetary Entry

  • Wingman Class System and Combat Overhaul (Pod's) - Added New Weapons To Each Class of Pilot. Increased AI damage, Tactics, and Maneuvering. Hard Fights are Actually Rewarding When You Win
    • C Class Pilots - Vanilla Gun (Shields)
    • B Class Pilots - Cyclotron Ballista (Slow Enemies)
    • A Class Pilots - Vanilla Gun More Accurate (Shileds)
    • S Class Pilots - Rocket Launchers (Not an OP version but Still Good Damage)
    • Freighters Have Also Been Tuned To Actually Help You In Battle Now

Battle Demo

  • Get To The Fun Part (Pod's) - With Thoughts of Multiplayer In Mind Skip The Repair Ship and Weapon At the Beggining of the Game and Start w/ a Full Hyperdrive To Get You To An Inhabited System (Small Chance You Spawn In A System With A Space Station.)

  • DUD's Terra Firma - This Mod Is 100% Where all the Awe Inspiring Beauty During Travel Comes From. From Stream Like Areas to Layered Rolling Hills, Amazing and Giant Mazelike Underwater Caves. Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

  • Quiet Please - Shuts Up A Lot of Repetitive Sounds "Units Recieved"

  • True Colors - Makes More Vibrant Colors as well as True Black & White

LASAGNA Enviroments - Absolutely Stunning Work Including Multiple Biomes on A Single Planet! LoD Upgrades and Custom Assets. This is a AAA Mod.

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