The Adoring Fan's Lite Overhaul

The Adoring Fan's Lite Overhaul

A lite overhaul to Oblivion enhancing almost every aspect while maintaining a true vanilla experience! Designed for non-gaming rigs and less capable PC's. I'm able to run near max settings on 16gb ram with integrated intel graphics. Enhanced cities, lands

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This collection sets to bring oblivion to modern standards while maintaining the vanilla atmosphere. Designed for non dedicated gaming rigs. I am able to play with very high quality graphic settings and handle all mods on an i7 16gb RAM and Integrated Intel Graphics. Mods have been handpicked to minimize compatibility issues and allow you to add your own mods.

The biggest change has been the beginning of the game. Instead of starting as a prisoner and going through a lengthy tutorial, you will instead arrive by boat in Anvil, The Imperial City, or Leyawiin. You will choose your starting class, race, and birth sign. You will be asked a new question about your "Social Status" that will dictate your starting gear and help you to get into your roleplay. The question has three parts: Social Class, Subclass, and Wealth. Once you make all you choices and sleep, you will be spawned into the game at your desired city. You will receive a quest indicating you had a nightmare where you witnessed the murder of the Emperor. Surely it was just a dream right?

Framework has been redone according to standards. 4GB Ram patch allows the game to utilize more of your computer, Oblivion Character Overhaul (Advanced Addition) makes NPC faces resemble a real human. Diagonal running is now properly animated. Like most modern games, you can now see your body in first person. You can also create your own class description for custom classes.

The UI has been left alone for now, aside from a better map. The goal is to incorporate Darnified UI, but its currently bugged, and has been removed from the collection.

The entire terrain of Cyrodiil has been enhanced to add more depth, add new locations, and preserve all the original ones. You will find new soundscapes as well as more diverse weather system throughout the game that help with immersion. Utilizing the "Better Cities " mod every city has been reworked to add new NPCs, quests, loot, vendors, enhance the city layout and bring upgraded some textures. You will also see new county markers along the main roads welcoming you.

Combat and leveling has been left mostly untouched. Feel free to add your own mod for taste, I personally like the vanilla system. You may find weapons from the world of Morrowind in game though. "Balanced Unleveled Rewards" would be a good addon. I personally think leveled rewards encourage you to constantly try new gear as you become stronger.

The Shivering Isles has been enhanced with new weather, textures, adventurers, player homes. New Sheoth has a new outskirts district. There is small surprise awaiting for you when you complete the DLC that will make your stay in the Shivering Isles much more enjoyable. You can now find deadly raiders from the Shivering Isles around the Niben Bay.

You will find numerous other enhancements and mods. All were hand picked for their compatibility with one-another and maintaining a vanilla experience.


This load order was designed for Vortex (the Nexus Mod Manager). However the entire community would encourage you to use Wyre Bash. Simply download the mods and let your mod manager do all the work.

Upon installation of Better Cities you will be prompted to configure the mod. Simply select all cities (including imperial city). Do not select the waterfront district FPS crash. it can crash your game. Make sure you select the "IC Expanded" and "Unique Landscapes" compatibility options.

Make sure you have Oblivion Script Extender.

-----------KNOWN BUGS AND GLITCHES---------


You may find some floating doors in the majior cities. From my experience they can very from new game to new game. The floating doors are typically duplicates and do not break the functionality of the game although they can be immersion breaking.

You may not receive a prompt about the "A Door in Niben Bay" quest. Do not worry, the portal is still there and the quest will trigger as you approach. The door will spawn as intended after 24 in game hours.

This is oblivion, you will find many other bugs and glitches. Feel free to comment what you find and I'll work to see if theres anything I can do to fix it!

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