Pathfinder Kingmaker - Buffed

Pathfinder Kingmaker - Buffed

My modlist designed for quality-of-life edits, ui changes, and new mechanics including crafting and content from the pen and paper PFRPG. Requires Unity Mod Manager and settings for the various mods are included in the screenshots. Thanks to the mod autho

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Alternatively to using UMM, you can use this collection as a checklist and manually install these via UMM without vortex. I had to do this for 1-2 mods.

This is my modlist designed for quality-of-life edits, ui changes, and new mechanics including crafting and content from the pen and paper PFRPG. I have started a new playthrough after 180 hours of play (made it to beginning of Chapter 4) and so wanted to archive my mod list in case I want to play a third time in a few years again. I'm actively playing with all these mods active as of the date of my writing this description without issue. This doesn't mean I guarantee a bug-free game (both because bugs are in the base game + game updates happen).

Mod at your own risk and read the instructions!

Thanks to the mod authors for adding all these great features!

Settings for Various Mods

In the latter set of images added to collection, I've included the settings I use for the various mods in the Unity Mod Manager window in game or in their files so you can replicate them if you want to use my exact settings. I explain them below for each mod. Hit Ctrl + F10 to open the window when booting up the game. Some of the mods will only be configurable once you make a save.

NOTE: You must use mouse and keyboard. Call of the Wild does not work with controller and you will be unable to load into the game if using a controller with this added.

  1. UMM Settings & Game Settings - Because I'm getting old and can't read the tiny text in UMM anymore. Besides that, I gave myself a few more quick save spots (which have saved my hide a few times playing this game). Difficulty is completely subjective but I start off with challenging in chapter 1 but make a change to allow character retraining (which shifts the difficulty to "custom"). After that, I change to hard and make the same change again since I'm more comfortable with character tactics + am better geared by then.

  1. Bag of Tricks - While it can be used as a cheat tool (which can be helpful if you encounter an ingame bug) - this is being used in this collection for some quality of life additions (with one arguably cheat-y edit). I leave everything else alone otherwise. Refer to the images attached for all the settings I use but the summary of them include changes to...

Camera: Unlocking camera zoom to allow zooming in and out further than the game limits & Adding Camera Rotation.

Alignment: Choosing Neutral aligned choices don't cause shifts on the Law/Chaos scale.

UI: Adding UMM to the ESC menu if you don't want to remember ctrl+F10. Added combat CR to the start of combat. Also can toggle off the HUD for screenshots or if you prefer to not have it when walking around out of combat (but turn it back on for dialog or to be able to pan with your mouse wheel!)

Inventory: When a consummable in character belt is used, it will automatically refill vs you having to do so manually. Occasionally this bugs on me and I have to refill the slot because I can't use the item from the belt - but this is till preferable than having to refill EVERY TIME I use an item.

Lockpicking: The arguably cheat-y edit. I use unlimited lockpicking (because I don't like missing out on treasure and there's no option to take a chest with you and work on it back at home base), but lock picking will also cause weariness and there is a limited number of "lockpicks" based on trickery that can be used between rests. So if you fail enough times, you're out of luck for that day - try again tomorrow.

  1. Better Venders - I only use this for QoL/UI edits and don't use the extra vendors that it can add/visit if you choose. Otherwise, that part of the mod is easy to ignore.

UI & QoL: Can highlight unlearned scrolls based on selected character and choose the color. Can also designate items as vendor trash (and choose an overlay color) so that it is easy to sell when hitting "offer". Will remember what you assigned as trash and color it appropriately if you find more of it.

Shops: Enables Vendor Progression. From the mod page: "Includes a fixed version of the Vendor Progression mod! It functions the same way the old mod did, and progress is based of your kingdom stats. Usually if you level up certain stats, it'll add items to certain vendors. "

  1. Call of the Wild & Favored Class - These dos too many things to state them all here - visit the mod pages for full lists. Summary though: CotW adds new classes, new spells, new feats, new class features and new archetypes that were left out from the tabletop pathfinder, edits the companion builds (optional), makes some balance changes to better match the pen and paper PF, and more. The settings I included are for the settings file under your Pathfinder Kingmaker steam folder/Mods/CallOfTheWild/settings.json. I basically keep the companion changes, turn off the reduced skill points, turn off various balance fixes I don't like. Favored Class allows for more customization of your characters by allowing you to choose a favored class, racial and other traits. Overall, these mods breath new life into the game such that I am enjoying my second playthrough without being bored and trying new options on my main character and companions.

NOTE: Originally, I had to install manually with UMM without vortex because it would not install correctly with Vortex + UMM addon. But it seems to install correctly now when I tried a 2nd time.

  1. Craft Magic Items - Pretty much does what the title says. My settings are adjusted so that crafting an item costs 110%-ish how much you would buy it directly from a vendor. I use mercernaries as my crafters back in town and consider the cost fair considering the item + commission cost. Also makes using exotic weapons that drop less frequently more viable and allows greater control over character customization. Finally, there's a lot of "downtime" in game one can use to hire your crafters before a new chapter. Read the description for more information on how to use.

  1. Custom Map Markers - Add your own notes to the map. I enjoy chronicling what I did at specific locations. I also change markers to red or yellow if there is something I need to go back and do at the location still.

NOTE: I had to install manually with UMM without vortex. If it's not showing up in game properly with vortex, remove the mod from vortex and use the zip file + UMM to install.

  1. Hair Unlocker - Title pretty much.

  1. Player Biography - Add a story for your main character and/or mercernary hires directly to the player journal. It will also show up on load screens. Nice touch if you're into roleplaying. Note that there is an easily avoidable bug that you should be mindful of. Short version - don't use return/keep your stories to 1 paragraph.

From the comments section on the bug: "Depending on how you wrote the bio it may be causing errors. Go into the mods folder under the steam installation directory, open the Bio.txt (maybe named something else but it is a .txt) and get rid of any white space (blank new lines meant to make file nicer and easier to read)"

  1. Visual Adjustments - Allows you to customize your character's appearance whenever you want including trying different class outfits, hiding certain gear, changing color of clothes, changing hairstyle, etc. For the fashionistas out there.

  1. Npc HQ Textures - Really improves the quality of NPC clothing drastically. Zooming into NPCs isn't an eye sore anymore. But, to implement without bugs, you need to repackage the mod files so they install correctly. I wrote up instructions below. This is why it is not set to directly download from the nexus - if you do it won't catch and organize the files correctly.


  1. Download BOTH files from the download section - not one. The first file is the modfile that causes changes to your game. The second zip has the textures that the modfile is directing the game to read. I suspect people getting errors earlier aren't using both files - causing the crashes.

  2. You will need to combine the files. Unzip both (or if you have a program that lets you directly edit zipped files, great). You are going to go into the 2nd textures folder under ...\NPCHQTexturesblahblah (blahblah= the number series from download - unimportant). There should be a folder called HQText (filled with the texture files) and a text file called "info.json and NpcHQTextures.dll goes here". This is the mod author telling you to move those two files into the textures folder.

  3. Open the first zip file with the modfiles "info.json" and "NPCHQTextures.dll". Copy those two files and paste them into the textures folder in the same place you saw that above text file.

  4. Rezip everything. If you zipped it correctly, the following levels should be present in the zip file. ...\NPCHQTextures\HQTex and your 3 files (2 modfiles + text file).

  5. Install using UMM as normal.

  1. Alternate Female NPC Portraits - I only use the altered Valerie and Nyrissa versions. Valerie because I don't think her original portrait matches what she conveys about her past. And Nyrissa because I want to. ;P Your choice on which or if to use - just follow the mod author's instruction from the mod page to install what you want.

  1. Pathfinder Iconic Portraits Mods and other Portrait Mods - Adds new options to choose as a portrait that you can use for yourself or mercenary companions. Remember that portraits are installed differently than other mods - so follow the instructions given by the author. I recommend searching the nexus or google for other options to use as well. Heroes of the Stolen Lands was a nice compilation but had to be removed from the nexus due to copyright issues. I have my old version from pre-deletion but I think you can find an old copy online if you search - but I can not directly link per Nexus's rules. Portraits are really subjective so it's up to you what to use - just don't dump a whole lot into your portrait folder at once if you don't want to slow down your character creation screen. Only add what you want to use.
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