Watcher's Wake

A community-patched and slightly expanded Deadfire, the collection of mods I personally use.

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The purpose of this collection is to bring a collection of fixes and balance resolutions to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It is the collection of mods I personally use, and doesn't contain anything that requires Patchwork Framework out of a desire for simplicity. (But it is compatible with those changes if you wish to do so manually.)

What this list doesn't include is any portrait options; Vortex, in my experience, cannot properly install them. I made portrait edits myself which I may release at a later date. Regardless, I've included instructions at the bottom of this page for portrait installation.


  • Fully updated, legal copy of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (GOG or Steam)

Main Features

The core mod of this collection is the Community Patch, which sorts out bugs that were never fixed by Obsidian by the end of the patching cycle. It also provides some content restoration and expansion, and balancing tweaks. It is the backbone of this list.

The other principal mod is Subclasses and Abilities Reworked. Its changes are too granular for me to get into here but it's built upon the Community Patch and further retools the game in the name of balancing.

Legacy Creation Fixes is included and provides more options to the backstory creator that you may use in place of importing a save from the first Pillars of Eternity game, and also corrects some conditions in the Legacy creator.

The most controversial change here is Uncharged Figurines, which reverts Figurine behavior to how it was on release, where they were infinitely usable, only once per rest. Now they don't become dead items after you exhaust their charges, as is the case in fully-patched Deadfire.

Update Policy

The collection will receive updates when included mods are updated, or if any issues that arise are more than cosmetic. In my experience there haven't been any problems, besides an erroneous text entry in Character Creation that has resolved for me after removing a mod that is no longer in this collection. If you come across any similar errors, feel free to report them, and if they are breaking or cosmetic but severe, I will either patch the included mod myself or remove it and update the collection.

Portrait Installation

The folder you will be targeting is different depending on where you've installed the game, what platform you own it through (GOG or Steam), and whether you're replacing an NPC portrait or adding player portraits. Regardless of where you've installed it, navigate to the Pillars of Eternity II folder.

Inside, there should be a subfolder called PillarsOfEternityII_Data, then navigate into the "gui" folder inside that, and further into the "portraits" folder.

Here you can see the folders for different categories of character. Companions folder includes most of the stock party characters you can recruit. NPCs folder has the watercolor portraits of all the NPCs you may speak to in the game.

The Player folder is where you'll want to put portraits you're installing for your Watcher or custom party members you create at the Inn.

Pay close attention to the naming conventions if you're creating your own portraits - simply replace the letter used with your own unique text, so "male_human_xyz_lg.png" for example, where xyz is where you put some unique name for your portrait. Personally I want mine to sort to the last of the human male category, so I name it "za", to come right after z.

This is literally all you have to do to make them show up ingame, so don't worry about editing any more complex files - you're done!

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