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Quick Load

Addresses common issues and tastes, extends the vanilla experience, and increases visual quality; all with lower-end systems, novice users, and small package in mind.

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Nov 18, 2021


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Quick Load primarily collates single, uniform changes of broad categories which are immediately appreciable with little to no supporting elements.

This Collection comes with a "modifier" package (Collection, Quick Load - Modifier) that works in tandem with MCM Recorder and others to tweak mods and pre-set their settings to be more uniform and otherwise lessening their--by the definition of Quick Load--clutter.

The pre-sets, and changes in general, are:

Dawnguard Arsenal:

  • Renamed the weapons to follow the vanilla naming scheme, where exist.

Follower Potions and Poisons:

  • All potion types are eligible for use by followers.
  • Disabled notifications.

Obsidian Weathers:

  • Set default Weaker Sunlight to 100%.
  • Removed configuration spell from the player.

Simple Horse:

  • Followers also ride horses.

Take Notes:

  • Larger fonts.

Take Notes and iHUD:

  • Rebound iHUD's access hotkey to K from X as to not conflict with Take Notes' default.
  • Hotkeys for both are informed to the player via Help Messages.

Ultimate Combat:

  • Disabled dodging.
  • Draugrs' Disarm Shout re-enabled.
  • Player's Unrelenting Force immunity disabled, in its place is Darkangel13's Faster Get Up.
  • Player's killmove immunity disabled.

among others.

Currently missing mods:

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