Skyrexit Edition

Skyrexit Edition

"Skyrexit means skyrexit, don't like it imperials? then you know where the pale pass is" ~Windhelm guard

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Welcome fellow Nords

So I haven't played Skyrim in a good few years since release and finally got the time to fiddle with mods, anyway here's my curated set of mods which don't seem to crash as often as I'd expect, note I'm running LOOT Mod load order organiser in conjunction with SKSE, I'll link those below.

Main features

Features were immersion based, ask yourself "why I should play a game that's as big as an ocean and as deep as a puddle?"

Anyway the key ingredients here were:

  • Download size
  • Varied Horse stats
  • Weather enhancement
  • Extended weapon lists
  • Hunting
  • Weather now is a hazard (I recommend tuning it to your liking)
  • Cold water can kill and fires provide heat
  • Basic needs, food,water,sleep (I would recommend ramping down the food requirements tbh)

Before you start

Keep in mind the combat is ramped up in difficulty a bunch so get creative

Recommended specs

This is what I'm running however I'm sure anything 970 and after will be fine.

  • GPU GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • RAM 16.0 GB
  • CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz


SKSE Skyrim script extender:

LOOT The Load Order Optimisation Tool:

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