BenOrBreak's LE (Abridged)

BenOrBreak's LE (Abridged)

As seen in my series playing as Nalja Nine-Lives! Kindly read the description, please - some may call this junk; me, I call them treasures.

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This is more a list of mods for my run as Nalja Nine-Lives than a standalone all-in-one overhaul, so I recommend maintaining captaincy over your own modlist and adding what strikes you as interesting from here. I can't commit to support for those who install the full package, but let me know how it goes and I can hopefully smooth out some of the wrinkles that may arise!

"Required" mods:

Our core ~100 mods are geared more toward overhauling gameplay and fixing bugs. EnaiSiaion's perk overhaul Vokrii, magic overhaul Odin, and combat overhaul Wildcat form the beating heart of our modded gameplay.

"Optional" mods:

The remaining ~300 focus on graphics and content. Pick and choose what appeals most to you!

Not included:

Patchers like Wrye Bash ( and DynDOLOD ( are vital to my build. Setup is non-trivial, but the benefits are worth it! Don't forget SKSE (, and your favorite ENB.

Before you go

Leave a comment if there are any installation troubles! If this collection helps you find some sweet mods, don't forget to rate it, and check out my Skyrim playthrough as Nalja Nine-Lives - and it's a great way to see these mods in action! Recordings are on YouTube ( and I stream live on Twitch (, both as BenOrBreak! I'd love it if you join me on those adventures.

Watch the skies, traveler.

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