College of Winterhold Overhaul

College of Winterhold Overhaul

Truly become a student to master the arcane arts. Overhauls every aspect of the College of Winterhold (aka Mages Guild Questline). Quests, meshes, textures, items, NPCs, architecture, visuals, bug fixes, logical options, etc. Should be severely incompatib

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This collection focuses on the improvement of the bad concept of the College of Winterhold made in the vanilla game, now everything is less rushed and you need to truly become a student.

Based upon

  • Jay Serpas' College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion + At your own pace - AYOP + College Days + Improved Entry for quest overhauls (it needs USSEP). I am not 100% sure between the compatibility between AYOP and College Days, but is patched in xEdit.

  • Ultimate College of Winterhold - An Immersive COW + Obscure's COW, it adds new rooms and completely overhauls the ambiance and visuals and architecture of the College, where the new textures are MRF's White and Gold Winterhold College.

  • NPCs are based upon Northbourne NPCs of Winterhold, which alters the appearance of every NPC in Winterhold, so, if you face any Black Face bug or something related to NPCs you have to patch yourself, I suggest using EasyNPC.

❗ Any problems, please let me know in the forum, thank you.

  • A little disclaimer: some people downvoted, I don't know what is wrong for them, but I've tested this collection in a raw-brand-new installation and it worked, I just cannot guarantee everything is perfectly working until the end of the Mages Guild Questline!

❕ Requirements

  • Skyrim Special Edition (Downgraded or Anniversary Edition version)

It does not require/install SKSE, although you might want/need it alongside SkyUI to use the ICOW and AYOP MCM features.

Try to mark light every plugin possible, in Vortex's plugin tab.

⚠ Compatibility ⚠

  • Compatible with every Magic Overhaul or Addon, if the considered mod does not touch the College.
  • Highly likely to be incompatible with any mod that aims to change/edit College's rooms, quests, or NPCs.


How stable is the collection?

I didn't play through all the quests of the College, so this is like a beta release, I tested the beginning, and some of jay's quest expansion quests, and everything worked, and everything was patched in xEdit, but I am not 100% sure that every quest is 100% bug-free, sorry, because this demands lots and lots of time, so I expect some help/feedback from the community regarding stability and bugs. So download the collection "at your own peril".

I can't pass Faralda, there is just the persuade option to visit the college, what is wrong?

You need at least a minimum level in any school of magic, this is a feature from At your own pace - AYOP that can be edited in the MCM menu if you have SkyUI, the default value to enter the college is 10 in any school. The same applies to proceeding in the College Questline.

I can't progress the Questline, why?

Read the last question/answer.

There is the optional dialogue that I'm visiting the college, although I didn't choose this option...

There is an issue with my patch, I didn't fix yet, but this will interfere with absolutely nothing regarding the questline, one day I might fix it, I just don't know how yet.


I highly suggest magic overhauls such as Odin and Mysticism and spell learning/discovery/research/crafting mods such as Spell Research or Dino's Spell Discovery, and the amazing Immersive Spell Learning DESTfied, or Spell Tutor or Spelltome Studies as well, so you don't just eat the bloody books.

If you want a complete and absolute overhaul of all instances of Magic in the game, please use my magic collection:

My collections | Build Your Modlist:


Vanilla Overhaul:

Gameplay and Animations:

Immersion packs

Graphics, Models, and/or Visuals:

UI, Interface, Audio, and Quality of Life:


Tiny Packs Series

❕ Every collection of mine is tested on a brand new Steam installation (downgraded to 1.5.97 or 1.6.353) before upload, so, they all absolutely work and I make sure of it. All of my collections are semi-compatible with each other (except the SE and AE counterparts, of course), you can use as many as you want to build your modlist and then manually tweak them, make your bashed patch, or whatever. If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact me on discord or here on Nexus.
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