Cat's Spellsword - Intense combat

Cat's Spellsword - Intense combat

Spellsword part of the "Cat's collection". Very light and compatible overhaul to add intense spellsword combat dynamics, even in mid-game (but suggested at fresh start).

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I swear this "new" combat system is sick. I've never had such intense fights with magic and swords... it really forces me to use shield and sword + of course, the new spellsword mechanics, in order to even survive lol. But if you endure enough, you'll be able to slay any living/dead being roaming around without questions.

It's heavy hardcore magic/close combat... if you like fast and dynamic fights this is for you.

But if you prefer just a "chill" version or already have damage/armor overhauls just don't install these mods, or just don't activate them in the MCM.

simply balanced -

true armor -

INSTALLATION GUIDE___________________________________

If you're starting with a clean install then just go forward and install the contents of this collection (SKSE64 v 2.1.5 already included), otherwise, just doublecheck if you already have the requirements installed... you'll find everything in the mods section. These mods use very common frameworks and requirements, so probably you'll already have them installed, if you've been modding your skyrim for a while. If there's anything missing, your mod manager (vortex in my case) should tell you about the eventually missing masters, so you should be able to fix it easily.

BUT... please mind that scripts like papyrus, skse, and similar should always be installed before of doing anything... skyrim has the bad habit of storing scripts in the save files, so once something starts it's very difficult to work with them.

Anyway, I had no issues with this collection even in middle-game, so probably you don't have anything to worry about.

PLEASE NOTE: This collection is focused on skyrim 1.6.353, so please make sure that you're using the right mod releases. Or, if you're sure to not have already some of the requirements installed, just install everything from the collection since it's already been tested and fixed.

-WHAT IF I HAVE SKYRIM 1.6.4? No problem, just download this, execute, and click on patch... wait until it's done and you'll find that your skyrim has been reversed to the 1.6.353 release. If you want to stick with the most updated version of skyrim tho, just check personally the mods in my list... maybe there are already updates for your version!

---------------------SPELLSWORD MODS-------------------------------------

This is the list of the spellsword specific mods that the collection relies on. Everything else is just requirements or balance improvements like "Simply balanced" or "True Armor", which I highly recommend:





Once you make sure to have the right requirements, i'd say pretty much everything.... I've used many magic overhaul mods in conjunction with this list and worked perfectly, for example Apocalypse.

BUG------ Just try to avoid the "hold" spells, like the first healing spell you find... because it doesn't look to work well. So try to focus on the "cast and go" spells. (I've tried to put a "hold" healing spell or a ward on my shield to activate when I'm blocking, but doesn't really work properly. I've fixed this by just assigning the "fast healing" spell to my bash action")

-----------------------------FINAL NOTE-----------------------------------------------

I'm making this collection mostly for myself, because I often mess up with my mods and end up with a broken save or broken everything.... so now I should be able to get the mods I need a bit quicker in case I manage to burn down my pc.

Even tho, I really find these mods to be sensational, so it's nice to share them.

examples of what you'll find after installing this collection:

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