Logical Races System
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Logical Races System

This collection aims to gather the best mods to fix the stupid vanilla race system with optional mods referring to classes and birth signs (Andromeda). Everything now makes much more sense and makes your race show its differences in a very subtle but significant way. Obviously this is recommended on a new save, I can't even imagine the bugs that can come using mid-game.

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The vanilla races system doesn't make much sense, you have a special power that you can actively use once a day and no one else can use, not any NPC. This collection is heavily based upon Phylogeny, which makes changes to races based upon passive powers, it is patched with FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons (each race will have a unique body) and Left Hand Ring Modifier, which will make you be able to use two rings, one in each hand. There are also different effects your character will have and even environmental effects. I suggest looking at the modlist for more in-depth knowledge of what is going on.

There is also the addition of lore-friendly races if you want to diversify a little bit.

In the optional mods, there is Andromeda which aims to change the standing stones, some additional races mod, and some incredible art-themed loading screen updated with new races info! I strongly recommend, if you can, please look at them individually.

If you own CC there is a patch/addon between Phylogeny and Forgotten Seasons in the optionals.

In Phylogeny's page there is a addon for Interesting NPCs and Survival Mode as well.


  • Anniversary Update is required, but if you don't have/want it, you just need to search for an older version of USSEP.
  • SKSE alongside SPID - Spell Perk Item Distributor is strongly recommended so some mods can work properly/fully. It doesn't make sense to not use them. They are present in my SKSE Essentials collections you can find below.

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