Skyrim Together Reborn Lite

Skyrim Together Reborn Lite

Simple graphics, weapons, armors, magic mods for use with Skyrim Together Reborn. Minimal new gameplay content.

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This is a lite modlist including minor graphical overhauls, new items, and spells intended for use with Skyrim Together Reborn. Really it's a stripped down version of a bigger modlist that I couldn't get working in its entirety. Minimal new quest/NPC content - primarily graphical and new items/weapons/magic to minimize desync and errors with Skyrim Together Reborn.

Main features

These are the core mods and main features of this collection.

Before you start

I don't think Nexus shows SKSE here - if it doesn't you need to install SKSE (latest version).

Recommended specs

Hardware setup suitable for this collection.

Probably would run fine on a 1060 or above, there's no crazy graphics mods here. Just more stuff and improved textures.

This is more intended for a playgroup of my friends and I, but I figured uploading it can't hurt. Feel free to mention in the comments if you come across issues, but I can't guarantee I can solve them.

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Sep 25, 2022
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