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Special Edition

Hello and welcome to this mod page First of all I want to tell that this mod package was made from immersive and Adult // Sovngarde I don't expect this mod package to work right out-of-the-box so if you want to install this I recommend you have some experience before so All I did was downloading ‘’immersive and adult and then sodengarde ‘’and then I merged them together pretty much that's it then I added some more like combat mods and some other stuff that I think should be in the game

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Aug 25, 2022


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made from

Immersive & Adult





thanks to them they were the ones who made my skyrim experience amazing again check them
out it's definitely my recommendation before you install this pack

          What I did was merging those two together I took some things that I'd like from the other one and I took some things that I'd like for the third one and something that took out I think you get the idea what I did and basically I ended up with my own version of the both of them and thought this was a really cool and that's why I wanted to share this package with you guys I did end up add some combat mods and some other cool stuff like smooth camera and all that thing so I hope you like this and please like it if it works for you           


I tried to make a showcase video it didn't turn out so well but here it is
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwVzJMKenGU&t=280s

I updated the pack with a new visual mod

Main features



SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution

True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay

Skyrim 2020 Parallax by Pfuscher ;)

this mod package is in alpha state this is my very first mod package and I am trying to get it working if it's not working
I'm still trying to figure this vortex and collection things out so bear with me if you decide to download this package
be aware I think you have to do some troubleshooting by yourself
I'll try to help so much I can but I'm no expert in this scene

So as I'm learning every day there will be updates to this package it's still in alpha state so yeah

Now you maybe ask yourself why do you release it then?? ‘’it's working for me right now so I thought I would release it and hopefully working for you if not try to fix it that's the best I can say it's amazing when it's done and you've got a lot of cool mods in here visual also some adults mods but gameplay overhauls and all that I really like it though

anyways you can always just check out two mod packets that I got those mods from the first one is immersive and adult and the second one is sovngarde very cool respect and credits to them of course couldn't have done this without those two so i definitely recommend you check those out if you don't want any headache they are really easy to install


if u run in to some errors check image i just uploadet this may be the error i don't know for sure yet im still working on it srry guys

I made a Discord dono why but feel free to join and share anything https://discord.gg/RnDxYMEw

Comment if u get it working on first try pleas let me know if u need som advise please let me know

Before you start

you should check out the other packages as mentioned it will save you a lot of headaches
I am by no means expert in this scene so don't expect me to help a lot but I want to help if I can I made this mod page because I got it working and I thought it was amazing so I thought I want to share it with you guys so you can get it working as well


  • SSE64 -Nemesis -FNIS -BodySlide -mayby more
  • i Use ENB Best practices
  • BACKUP!! before instaling this
    MANUAL https://www.skyrim-guild.com/distars-mods/adxp-mco

Compatible collections

Yes but u should know what you are mixing


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