ShenanaRim Beta
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ShenanaRim Beta

Early release of the mod-list used by Shenanaguy Gaming on Youtube.

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Aug 22, 2022


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The goal of this mod-list is to create a modern version of Skyrim while trying to stay true to the original but also bringing in a slightly more fantasy-like vibe. With this in mind, I tried to build upon the regions separately. Skyrim is a massive world-space, there should be differences between the regions to reflect that. However, it is still a nord region, so I tried to keep that root in every region.

Main features

-New animations that smooth out vanilla ones and animate parts of the game that seemed overlooked

Before you start

Please understand, I am not an expert modder. This list is thrown together to the best of my ability, but I am far from experienced. All I can say is just pay attention to the mods being installed and double check the FOMODs to make sure patches are installed.


  • Anniversary edition was used for this, I cannot claim it will work with anything other than that.
  • I do use ENB, so ENB series is required.
  • As with pretty much all modding in Skyrim, SKSE is a hard requirement. Everything else SHOULD be in the list. I do ask you keep in mind this is a beta.

Best practices

  • Take your time to organize the mods into categories that are easier for you to follow. It makes trouble shooting a lot easier.

Recommended specs

Well, it has been running very smoothly on my system which I would put at an upper mid-range.

  • Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • 32GB clocked at 3600mhz
  • Ryzen 5700G

I have been running at a solid 60 FPS or more and I use Beth.INI set to Higher settings. So there is that. I also run in 1440P so if you are on 1080P this should work on just about any modern card. If I was to guess you'll want a min of 6GB VRAM.

Compatible collections

This has been untested. If you want to use things from another collection, I recommend adding it under a new profile. That way if something breaks, you can revert back to my settings and try again.


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