Engine Bugfixes & Tweaks
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Engine Bugfixes & Tweaks

All-in-one engine bugfixes for Skyrim AE.

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Apr 19, 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

It's all the essential engine bugfixes and tweaks for Skyrim Anniversary Edition, bundled together for easy installation.

Why do I need this?

These are essential for any mod list. Plus, some of these are required by other popular mods; install them all in one go right now rather than searching for them later on NexusMods.

Should I install the Skyrim Script Extender?

No. The latest stable Anniversary Build will be installed automatically since it's a dependency for some of these fixes to work.

Do I have to configure SSE Display Tweaks?

Yes, if you want. It's a fresh install in this collection so all the settings are the defaults.

Do I have to install Part 2 of SSE Engine Fixes myself?

No. It's included as bundled content and will be installed automatically into the root folder.

Will you add <suggested mod> to this collection?

It depends. The scope of this collection is purely bugfixes and tweaks—and their dependencies—for flaws that are rooted into the game engine, not records in master files.

Do I need your other collections to use this?

Absolutely not, but they work together nicely. I would recommend to use them though, since you'll have a solid foundation to build your mod list off of. You'll also have all the dependencies that most complex mods require.

Will version updates for these mods ruin my mod list?

Maybe. I will do my best to keep the version checks in this collection up to date and check for incompatibilities with mods in my other collections.

Will this work for Pre-AE?

No. All my collections will only include mods and rules that are updated for the latest Skyrim and SKSE versions.

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My modular collections are tailored together for a strong, technical base in any mod list; they are meant to be used as is, or safely overwritten as you build on top of it.


The STEP project for inspiring this mod group, and all the talented authors.


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