Skyrim Together: Enhanced Modpack

Skyrim Together: Enhanced Modpack

First insall SKSE, then Install STR. Then Create the "Tool" in vortecx pointing to SKT. Then install this mod collection. This is a collection of compatible mods that enhance Skyrim rather than change it.

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This mod is designed to Enhance Skyrim Vanilla for a good first-time SKT experience.

Main features

Mostly Graphical and UI changes with some spell enhancements thrown in.

Before you start

Vital information regarding this collection.


  • Install SKSE (skyrim Script Extension)
  1. Go to the Main SKSE website at
  2. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD "CURRENT ANNIVERSARY BUILD" .. I know this seems weird considering there is a 'special edition' one.. and you HAVE special edition. But use Anniversary
  3. Download the 7z File.
  4. Extract and run

-Install Skyrim Together Mod

  1. Open Vortex.
  2. Go to the Skyrim Together nexusmods page at
  3. Go to the Files tab of the Skyrim Together NexusMods page
  4. Select the Mod Manager Download button under the "Skyrim Together Reborn" listing.
  5. In Vortex, select Install.
  6. When prompted, select Enable.
  • Create a Skyrim Special Edition Launch "Tool" in Vortex
  1. Go to Main Dashboard
  2. Click "New Tool"
  3. Name the tool "SkyrimTogether"
  4. Click the browse folder icon under "Target" and Navigate to your Skyrim Together exe. On Steam it's ..\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn
  5. You should see both the "Start In" and the "Icon" areas populate.
  6. Hit "Save This is how you will launch Skyrim Together.

-THEN install the mod collection.

Best practices

  • Example

Recommended specs

Hardware setup suitable for this collection.

  • GPU
  • RAM
  • CPU

Compatible collections

Other collections that can be installed alongside this collection.

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