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Maximum Immersion

Enhancing vanilla Skyrim AE with immersive and lore-friendly animations, clothing, NPC behavior, gear display, horses and much more.

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My goal with the Maximum Collections in general and with Maximum Immersion in particular is to keep Skyrim as true to the original as possible, while at the same time carefully enhancing and expanding how the world looks, feels and plays to make it even more immersive for the player.

Main Features

The mods collected in Maximum Immersion give NPCs and the player a lot of new animations and expressions for everyday actions and enhance NPC daily live routines and behavior. They also let your character (and NPCs if you wish) display all the gear they are carrying with them on their body (like potions, coins, extra weapons, stuff from survival mods if you use those) and adds more variety to vanilla clothing (and makes some of them more realistic, like less skimpy furs for bandits in the mountains) and things like cloaks for harsh weathers and weather effects. Other things include choosing where and how you start the game, more realistic looking children, an immersive horse expansion, restored cut original content, more, new and better dialogs with guards and bandits, road signs and boards with repeatable mini-quests in each town, but there are many more small immersive mods included...

Additional Infos/Instructions

  • Don't forget to start "FNIS (Fores New Idles)" at least once and run "Update FNIS Behaviour" to include the new animations, or else all characters will be stuck at a T-Pose
  • If you cannot open the missives board try deactivating "Realistic Container Animations" in the Immersive Interactions MCN. It should work then and you can reactivate that option if you want
  • If the children all have black faces but different colored bodies (and sometimes no hair) uninstall "RSSE Children Overhaul 1.1.3 with hotfix 1", "Realistic RS Children" and "Realistic RS Children Overhaul- -For those not using KS Hairdo's- hair and textures". Now reinstall them in that order and let them override each other in the exact reverse order
  • The mod "Immersive Equipment Displays" will work out of the box for equipment like weapons, shields and quivers, but for other stuff like coin pouches, potions, scrolls or musical instruments you have to follow the instructions from "Immersive Equipment Displays - AllGUD replacers Presets" and/or customize how they and additional items are displayed on your character yourself.
  • If the "Practical Female Armors" are not showing up ingame, uninstall then reinstall the mod
  • In the optional/recommended section are compatibility patches when using certain mods that are not in this collection, but in one or more of my other "Maximum Collections".
  • This Collection is for Anniversary Edition, but if you really want to use it with pre-AE Skyrim SE 1.5.97 that's also possible. All Mods included either work for both or there are two version of the Mod for each game version, but you have to go look on their respective mod sites.

More Maximum Collections

First and foremost I wanted to provide modular collections because I assume many people don't want gameplay changes or only in certain areas and others don't want adult stuff. I might eventually upload an all-in-one Maximum Collection though. In any case, for even more immersion Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry is best combined with any or all of its sister collections:

  • Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry:
  • Maximum Survival:
  • Maximum Visuals & Sound (coming soon)
  • Maximum Stealth & Combat (coming soon)
  • Maximum HUD & Bugfixes (coming soon)
  • Maximum Love (coming soon)


If you have feedback on this or one of my other collections, suggestions for other mods fitting the repective themes I might have overlooked or if you encounter difficulties when installing or using the mods ingame please let me know in the comments. And if you like my collection and the mods included don't forget to rate and endorse both. ;)


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