Anniversary Edition+

Anniversary Edition+

Smooth out the rough edges of Skyrim with bug fixes, UI improvements and better NPC AI.

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This collection will smooth out the rough edges of Skyrim with bug fixes, UI improvements and better NPC AI. I wanted to keep the vanilla experience intact while fixing the things that really bothered me. Achievements will still work thanks to the SSE Engine Fixes.

Anniversary Edition DLC is not required. You can choose which Creation Club mods you use when installing the "Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches". Saints & Seducers, Rare Curios, Survival Mode and Fishing are now included in the base Skyrim Special Edition so at least you need to check those. You will also get to choose which version of AI Overhaul to install. AE or SE.

This would probably work well as a base if you want to add some mods of your own. If you plan to do that then you should check out the Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch.


Want to play with Skyrim Together Reborn?

Start off by disabling SSE Engine Fixes, both part 1 and 2. Then download and install Skyrim Together Reborn. If you want to play with achievements enabled then download and install Achievements Mods Enabler as well.

Start Skyrim using ~\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn\SkyrimTogether.exe to play multiplayer

Start Server using ~\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn\SkyrimTogetherServer.exe

Press Right CTRL in game to open Skyrim Together Reborn menu

Server config ~\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn\config\STServer.ini

In case of server crashing, check ~\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\SkyrimTogetherReborn\logs\STServerOut.log


Want to launch Skyrim with SKSE from Steam?

Copy and paste this in to a text editor and save as a .bat file (not .txt), place it inside the Skyrim game folder and run. It might be necessary to run the .bat file as admin.

pushd "%~dp0"
echo Renaming SkyrimSELauncher.exe
rename SkyrimSELauncher.exe SkyrimSELauncher.exe.bak
echo Making symlink
mklink SkyrimSELauncher.exe skse64_loader.exe


Want to keep Skyrim from updating on Steam?

Open the steamapps folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps), right click on appmanifest_489830.acf, then open Properties and check the box that says Read-only.
Remove the Read-only check if you want to update Skyrim again.

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