The Companions Extended

The Companions Extended

[Work in Progress] Not only an expansion but a full overhaul of The Companions, covering questline, NPCs, NPCs visual overhaul, weapons remodeled, and a complete overhaul of locations such as Jorrvaskr, the underforge, and Skyforge. An overhaul for the we

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Work in Progress!

Pretty much it. This is a work in progress because I didn't play until the end of the questline. So, please, if you find any bug, report it or talk to me directly. It'll probably have some updates until its final form.

In summary, now the questline is longer and you have more radiant quests to do, several tweaks to the scenes and NPC interactions were made. For instance, now you have the option to go against the companions!

Some dialogue is non-existent and some is AI generated, so be warned if you can't play with those!

When asking to install an Old Skyrim mod, install it for Special Edition, the collection will come with a bundled port of such mod to SE, so you don't need to port it yourself.

This collection contains NPC Visual overhaul for the companions (Captivating Companion Followers) and the heroes of Sovngarde (Pandorable's), if you use any other NPC visual overhaul related to those NPCs, it'll probably conflict, I suggest using EasyNPC.

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