Some Vanilla Locations Overhauled
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Vanilla Plus

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Some Vanilla Locations Overhauled

Expands, adds, and edits some vanilla locations, mainly exterior and overlooked ones. Does not edit the interior of cities. It covers imperial forts, roads (Lux Via), docks, depths of the sea, standing stones, cities exteriors, cities entrances, some bandit campsites, farms, some nordic ruins, giants camps and some of the marked locations along the map.

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Totally version independent you just need

  • Anniversary Edition (1.6.353) or Special Edition downgraded (1.5.97)

But if you don't own the anniversary content, you can just search on google an older version of USSEP that the collection will work.


What's summarized up there, it can hit your FPS a little bit, but not too noticeable overall. I highly suggest looking into the mods section above and seeing what's being covered.

Since it is something that edits the wilderness worldspace and some exterior of cities it can require some patches, which I'll link here:


I use Ryn's Farms and Ryn's Standing stones AIO, so any mod changing these areas might need a patch.

Anything editing the exterior of Whiterun surroundings might be heavily incompatible, interiors are good.

Since it uses Lux Via, Lanterns of Skyrim II and Medieval Lanterns are technically incompatible, and Improved Bridges of Skyrim (which is in my Architecture Models Redone - 2K collection as optional) that is slightly incompatible as well.

Why not cover cities/interiors of cities?

  1. All interiors are mainly by distinct interiors or by JK and you can download his collection here. Although there is a brilliant hidden gem that is: True Arcadia's Cauldron.
  2. There are a lot of city/town mods to choose from and it can easily become an incompatibility mess, so I am trying to leave this collection the more compatible as possible. But I strongly suggest looking into cities mods. I'll link my favorites by order:

and a nice addition to all that and this collection is the great Lawbringer .

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