Enchanted Skyrim for AE

Enchanted Skyrim for AE

A collection of mods who improved the game and make it look like a game released recently.

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This collection is a collection of mods who improved the game and make it look like a game released recently.*

Main features

  • Cities and Town overhaul
  • Better light
  • Better textures
  • Immersives features
  • etc.

Important information about this collection

This is my first collection, and i'm open to feedback if i do something wrong. Also this collection is not finished at all, i want to make it bigger over time and i need some time, suggestion and feedback about thing who can make the game better without making it dumb, if you want to talk about it, i'm open for it !

Hard Requirements

Preformence and Recommended specs

Average fps in different area.

  • Town: 40 fps
  • Forests: 50 fps
  • Plain: 50-58 fps

Hardware use durring testing.

  • Cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (A Ryzen 5 or Core i5 should be enough)
  • Ram: 32G (16G should be enough)
  • Gpu: AMD RX 580 8G
  • Display: QHD
Note for french user / Remarque pour l'utilisateur français
  • A french version will be available when i considers this collection complete.
  • Une version française sera disponible lorsque je considérerai cette collection comme complète.
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