Bugs, UI, QoL

Base set of: Bug fixes, UI Improvements, Quality of Life improvements.

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This is meant to be a base set of mods that gets Skyrim to a playable state. I use it as the base for any of my playthroughs.

The UI improvements are mildly opinionated, but I have found Dear Diary to be the best solution to the game working properly on an ultrawide monitor (anything larger than 16:9), and I find that it provides a smooth and consistent UI all around.

The quality of life improvements are just things that greatly annoy me in the base game like:

  • the inability to do a running job
  • grand soul stone getting filled with a petty soul
  • quest NPCs that walk everywhere while you have to follow them
  • civilians all getting slaughtered during dragon attacks
  • no way to easily tell which books in a bookshelf you haven't read yet

The one item in this likely to cause conflicts with other mods is "Weapon, Armor, Clothing, & Clutter Fixes" (aka: WACCF). Luckily, just about every mod out there has a WACCF patch so it is pretty easy to integrate it with any other mods you might have.

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