Skyrim VR Basic Vanilla
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Skyrim VR Basic Vanilla

A lightweight collection of mods for Skyrim VR to keep things mostly vanilla and improve performance. Use it as a base for further modding.

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A lightweight collection of mods that can be used as a base for further modding. It includes the basic essentials for Skyrim VR, bugfixes, and some "vanilla plus" features like improved textures and weather.

Optional Mods

I've included some optional mods that I feel improve the Skyrim VR experience. I've kept them as optional, though, as they do deviate from vanilla gameplay.

  • Locational Damage SKSE VR
    Adds headshot damage.
  • Mortal Enemies SE
    Makes enemies commit to an attack direction, allowing easier dodging in VR.
  • Weapon Throw VR
    Throwing weapons is cool.
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer, EVG Animation Variance
    Adds some animation variance to the NPCs.

Alternative Mod Type Installs

The following mods need to be installed with Mod Type = Engine Injector.

  • Part 2 Engine Fixes VR
  • Binaural 3D Surround Sound for SKYRIM VR
  • Skyrim Script Extender VR (SKSEVR)

I have set the install type to "Replicate" in Vortex so HOPEFULLY it installs them correctly. If it doesn't, find the mods in your Mods tab, double click on them, and, in the window pane on the right, alter the "Mod Type" drop down to be "Engine Injector". Then re-deploy.


This collection does not include USSEP. You have two options for using it. The first is to install USSEP 4.2.5 and then install the USSEP VR Patch. This version is mostly up-to-date, but it also breaks the prologue (cart ride, character generation, beheading). If you choose this version, it is recommended to either play the prologue before you install USSEP or install an alternative start mod to skip it. Your other option is to find USSEP 4.1.2a off and install that version.


When you run Skyrim VR, you are going to launch it via SKSE's sksevr_loader.exe. Inside Vortex, under the Dashboard for Skyrim VR, add a new tool and have it point to sksevr_loader.exe (it should be inside your Skyrim VR game folder). Then, click the 3 dots on the entry and select "Make primary". Now, starting Skyrim VR via Vortex should launch the game via SKSE, ensuring that the mods work.


This is a new tool used in modding that will dynamically generate files for you. As of this writing, SkyVRaan uses it to dynamically generate proper cubemaps for water reflections based on the mods you have loaded. You must use it AFTER you have fully deployed ALL your mods and enabled ALL of their plugins (this includes running DynDOLOD). Any time you add new mods that change the way your world looks, you must delete the old Synthesis.esp file and generate a new one.

Install from GitHub. (expand the Assets node and download the .zip)

Extract the zip file somewhere on your hard drive (I chose my B:\Games\Vortex Mod Manager directory). Add it to Vortex as an external tool. You can do that by going to the Dashboard in Vortex and clicking the "Add Tool" button and selecting the "New..." option. Then, under the "Target" text box, click the folder icon and browse to where you installed Synthesis and select Synthesis.exe. Now click "Save".

After you have finished installing all your mods and you have Deployed them, go to the Dashboard and run Synthesis. Select Skyrim VR as the game type. Click the first icon after the red + (plus) symbol. When moused over, it should say "Git Repository" underneath. In the search box, type SkyVRaan. Click the + (plus) button on BOTH results (the Auto Patcher and the Weather Patcher). When they have downloaded, go back to the main menu in Synthesis and click the > (Run) button at the bottom.

After it finishes, close it and go to your Plugins section in Vortex. Find the new "Synthesis.esp" plugin and enable it. Make sure you sort. You are now done. Note that if you are using DynDOLOD, as of this writing the Synthesis.esp plugin is not auto-sorting itself to be the last plugin loaded. You will have to manually click and drag the dependency icon onto the DynDOLOD.esp plugin and set a rule to load Synthesis.esp AFTER DynDOLOD.esp. Synthesis.esp MUST load last.


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