Skyrim Together RP Collection

Skyrim Together RP Collection

This is a curated mod list intended for use alongside the newly released Skyrim Together Reborn.

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While intended to be used with Skyrim Together, I have not yet taken the time to test them all for compatibility and I make no guarantees that everything functions as intended beyond not crashing at start-up. I will update the list as issues are found.

Main features

My primary goal with this collection is to create a mod list that enhances the atmosphere and immersion and expands the way the player can interact with the game-world while otherwise affecting the vanilla gameplay as little as possible. As such, this collection does not include any bug fixes, UI mods, or graphical or combat overhauls except where required by the other mods. Anyone looking to add any of these elements should not have trouble finding other collections that cover these. That being said I can save everyone some trouble as I have found the following mods incompatible with Skyrim Together:

ST Incompatible Mods

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