Maximum Stealth & Combat

Maximum Stealth & Combat

Enhancing vanilla Skyrim AE with expanded stealth and more realistic combat gameplay.

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My goal with the Maximum Collections in general is to keep Skyrim as true to the original as possible, while at the same time carefully enhancing and expanding how the world looks, feels and plays to make it even more immersive for the player. With Maximum Stealth & Combat the focus is on making sneaking more compelling and fighting more realistic.

Main Features

Do you remember the old Thief games? Now you can try to equal master thief Garrett in Skyrim. Pack your set of special thievery equipment to extingish light sorces (water arrows), reach unreachable hights (rope arrows), lure unsuspecting guards away (noise maker arrows) or into traps (oil arrows + fire arrows), knock out cluless enemies from behind (blackjack) or silently slit their throats (dagger/sword). Sleeping enemies can also be taken out quick and silently.

Wondering whats waiting behind closed doors? Just take a peek through the keyhole! But be careful, enemies are now much better at spotting or hearing you and stay vigilant longer. Guards will also be more suspicious of strange behavior. And when you get spotted by a watchful guard? Run! But don't feel too safe just exiting a dungeon or house, alerted enemies will now follow you through doors and other passageways! To counter this you can now hide away inside of barrels, wardrobes, large chests and other containers as long as your are not seen while jumping in!

Should all the sneaking fail completely you are gonna face a tough fight. Gone are the times of simple attack spamming. Enemies now block, carry and drink potions and fight smarter and more unforgiving. But your attacks also have more impact, leading to more tactical, brutal, shorter and therefore more intense encounters. You might also suffer combat injuries that will hinder you and decrease certain skills until fully healed (which can be sped up by treating your wounds with special potions or spells). To compensate its now possible to dodge incoming attacks and parry even when wielding two weapons at once. And you can train your abilities with melee and ranged weapons and spells on training dummies to get some experience before facing an actual opponent.

Additional Infos/Instructions

  • Downloading from external sites through the browser integrated in Vortex does not work properly at the moment, so you will have to download "Skyrim Script Extender 64 (SKSE64)" and "Master of Disguise" (and the three mods required for it) through your normal browser and add it to Vortex manually. Since in order to download MoD you have to create an account on the authors website, I only included this mod in the optional section, though I think its really worth it and not that much of an inconvience.
  • For "TK Dodge" and "Take a Peek" to work don't forget to start "FNIS (Fores New Idles)" at least once. Check the box "tktk1s TK Doge/Ultimate Combat" and run "Update FNIS Behaviour" to include the new animations, or else all characters will be stuck at a T-Pose
  • For TK Dodge I suggest checking the "Step Dodge" box in the MCM
  • I included the mod "Take a Peek" in the optional/recommended section. I think its a cool idea, but depending on how big the areas you are peeking into/from are and what graphic mods you are using, the loading screen might take too long for it to be worth it. Give it a try though.
  • This Collection is for Anniversary Edition, but if you really want to use it with pre-AE Skyrim SE 1.5.97 that's also possible. All Mods included either work for both or there are two version of the Mod for each game version, but you have to go look on their respective mod sites.

More Maximum Collections

First and foremost I wanted to provide modular collections because I assume many people don't want gameplay changes or only in certain areas and others don't want adult stuff. But all of them are part of a whole and meant to complement each other, so for even more immersion Maximum Stealth & Combat is best combined with any or all of its sister collections:

  • Maximum Immersion:
  • Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry:
  • Maximum Survival:
  • Maximum Visuals & Sound (TBD)
  • Maximum HUD & Bugfixes (TBD)
  • Maximum Love (TBD)


If you have feedback on this or one of my other collections, suggestions for other mods fitting the repective themes I might have overlooked or if you encounter difficulties when installing or using the mods ingame please let me know in the comments. And if you like my collection and the mods included don't forget to rate and endorse both. ;)

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