Barebones Valhalla Combat

Barebones Valhalla Combat

Basic setup for dtry's Valhalla Combat mod

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This collection is a stripped down version of my first one; Simple Combat Tweaks and contains only the core mods from it

Main features

My initial goals with this collection is to only change how the combat plays out and make it as lightweight as possible:

  • Valhalla Combat
  • Poise
  • SCAR
  • Elden Parry
  • Elden Counter

Before you start

Collection uses Skyrim AE version 1.6.353. If you updated your game for reasons you can download the downgrader and run it.


These three are and will always be the base for building my mods. Go to the collections page and click on changelog, click on the revision number to change the modlist according to said revisions and add to Vortex.

Best practices

-- - For the Nemesis patches, tick;

  1. Attack - Distar Experience
  2. Precision
  3. Elden Counter - Stun&Poise
  4. Elden Counter - NPC Counter Behavior
  5. Payload Interpreter
  6. Poise
  7. Retimed Hit Frame
  8. SCAR
  9. True Directional Movement - 360 Horse Archery
  10. True Directional Movement - Procedural Leaning
  11. True Directional Movement - Headtracking
  12. TK Dodge RE / Ultimate Combat

-- - You might want to configure some .ini files to match your liking. Some configurables are;

  • Archery Locational Damage
  • Better Jumping
  • Elden Parry
  • Elden Power Attack
  • Experience
  • Poisebreaker
  • TK Dodge RE-v0.5 -AE

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