EXPLR: Across Tamriel
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EXPLR: Across Tamriel

A complete overhaul of Skyrim's gameplay in terms of physical combat with ADXP | MCO, with the Nordic Animation moveset, and 100s of new magic mods to truly mix and match your playstyle with different combat animations for every new weapon and magic to mix these with. Explore new lands of Tamriel and become the savior of these ancient lands

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Temporary fix for AE (thanks ContraBiscuits on reddit)

Anyone that wants to downgrade back to AE (1.6.353):

First type this into your web browser:

  • steam://nav/console

Then allow it to open steam client bootstrapper. Once the console window appears, type:

  • download_depot 489830 489833 4570833277049890269

Check the console for the location of the newly downloaded skyrimse.exe version 1.6.353. Then simply replace the exe in your game files with this one.

If you updated SKSE and want to go back to previous version

  • Go to this website and download skse64_2_01_05.7z, extract the zip folder and drag into your Skyrim folder, make sure to delete all SKSE (1.6.629) files



  • A complete overhaul of Skyrim's gameplay in terms of physical combat with ADXP | MCO, with the Nordic Animation moveset, and 100s of new magic mods to truly mix and match your playstyle with different combat animations for every new weapon and magic to mix these with.
  • Skyrim is not the only province in the land of Skyrim, the land of Tamriel has existed for hundreds of years yet there is limited interaction and mention of the other lands of Tamriel, this collection aims to change that. This collection adds in hundreds of new quests to explore and complete, 100s of new NPC's and new weapons and armor to craft or find in dungeons. You may also visit completely new lands apart from Skyrim, visit Cyrodill in Beyond Skyrim: Bruma and travel to Elsweyr in Moonpath to Elsweyr
  • Made by me, SENORCARIBOU, you may find the playthrough of the collection here on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsv3WUhAsmj7udR2ItptHmA

Before you start and Skyrim Bugs

If you have any issues with the collection, feel free to DM me or post to the Collection's forum

Vortex Related Problems

  • Sometimes while installing mods from collections, the correct plugins do not enable themselves. In Vortex, make sure to check the plugins list, located below the mods list

  • Make sure to install ENB Series for Skyrim Special Edition or else collection may not start, and then install Re-Engaged ENB which has been selected for this collection

  • (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B02WykPfcI&t=1s) = Tutorial for installing ENB's

  • Make sure to install SSE Engine Fixes Part 2 manually, simply drag the download into the download section in Vortex and install.

  • https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17230 Page for SSE Engine Fixes

  • Here is the link for High Poly Head SE v1.4 if Vortex links are acting goofy https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1V_jcYzwTiKnSv8Dbv-7Z0hh9SWbkn6Bi

In-Game Issues

  • If your character gets stuck walking in place in the Helgen intro, simply Quit to Desktop and Hit Continue

  • If your character starts sitting while waiting, just jump and you should be good

  • Your character will actually lay in bed, simply hit the wait button to start sleeping, all sleeping perks will be awarded correctly

  • If you are having problems with Gamepad++ and not being able to map certain controls to certain buttons, you may need to delete ControlMap_Custom in your Skyrim folder

  • If your find that the Crossbow isn't working and is resulting in T-Pose the easy solution is to delete the mod VioLens

  • If you find that you can't cross the borders to outside of Skyrim, an easy solution is to install BethINI for Skyrim Special Edition and tick the box for Disable Game Borders

Nemesis Patches

Add the Nemesis tool by going to Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Nemesis_Engine\Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine.exe

Remember if you ever edit any animation mods that have to do with Nemesis, relaunch with the Nemesis tool and update any mods you may have added or taken out.

  • Attack - Distar Experience
  • Precision
  • Dodge - Modern Combat Overhaul
  • Payload Interpreter
  • Skyrim's Paraglider
  • Impactful Blocking (null)
  • Jump Behavior Overhaul
  • Poise
  • SCAR
  • Separate Power Attacks
  • True Directional Movement - 360 Horse Archery
  • True Directional Movement - Procedural Leaning
  • True Directional Movement - Headtracking
  • Turning Animation won't affect upper body

MCM Settings

These settings are my personal recommendation, but you may change these to fit your playstyle

Commentary Rate Configured

  • Comment Frequency = 60
  • Maximum Time Between Comments = 90

Dodge Framework

  • Customize to your playstyle

Immersive Creatures

  • Global Difficulty = Adept
  • Creature Spawn Difficulty = Medium for both options

Optimal Potion Hotkey

  • Customize to your playstyle

Power Attacks

  • Customize to your playstyle

Sleep to Level Up

  • Minimum Sleep Length = 4 Hours
  • Level up Cooldown Length = 8 Hours
  • Level Up Limit = 5
  • Perk Point Spending Limit = 5


  • Customize to your playstyle


  • Camera Setting = VATS Off

Best practices for ENB

  • Change ENB settings included in the Re-Engaged ENB adjustment pictures by clicking Shift+Enter

  • For ENB settings remove sun glare for when the sun glare appears but the sun does not

  • If you get a wierd visual light bug that happens when you use certain magic spells such as Clairvoyance, disable Nighteye Fix in the ENB settings

Recommended specs

  • Tested on a RTX 2060 laptop GPU, runs at 50 - 60 fps


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