8.) Final Mods and Steps

8.) Final Mods and Steps

The final steps in my Nordic/Oblivion inspired Skyrim SE modlist. Please follow every step VERY carefully.

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This is the final pack in my Nordic/Oblivion inspired Skyrim SE modlist.


To achieve the same LOD and lighting as me you're going to have to download this collection, re-install some mods for automatic patches, generate a bashed patch, and finally generate and install DynDoLOD files.

1.) Install ALL my collections

ALWAYS be sure to use my most recent revision as I will be updating this modlist as I go.

Super in depth guide on adding more than just my collection to your Vortex:


2.) Make sure all Collections are active

3.) Resolve all File Conflicts

  • When a mod is loaded "AFTER" another mod it overwrites it.
  • Other than "DynDoLOD Resources" follow the suggested load order

4.) Install this Collection

  • This collection needs to be added absolutely last as Lux/Lux Via have a lot of automated patches to install
  • If Loot tells you you're missing a patch, Reinstall the mods that need patches so the appropriate patches can install

5.) Deploy Mods, Update Masterlist on Loot and Sort Plugins

  • Here is a super handy guide for cleaning and sorting plugins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpRinGULJGw

6.) If you've downloaded my UI and Animations Modlist you should rerun Nemesis and make sure everything is still checked

7.) Create a Bashed Patch with WryeBash to add all Armor/Spells/Weapons to leveled lists

  • Here is a super handy guide for creating bashed patches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6e03XoIh_Y

8.) Create DynDoLOD Textures and .esp

  • Here is a super handy guide for generating LOD with DynDoLOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=encZYHEeQrQ&t=376s
  • Make sure all DynDoLOD files are activated and make sure "DynDoLOD_Output.rar" is loaded AFTER everything else

9.) Launch the game

  • When start a new game you will be put into the 'Alternate Start - Live Another Life Cell
  • Create your Character
  • Wait for all notifications at the top left of the screen to finish
  • Delete all saves and make a new save

10.) Enjoy the game!

  • I've handpicked all the mods in this collection of lists and can say without a shadow of a doubt this entire Collection of modlists will completely change the look, feel, and ultimately the way you play Skyrim


This is the first set of collections Ive created and I am in no way shape or form proficient at modding. I just thought I'd upload these for my friends and for people that kinda know what they're doing. Ive linked guides for all of the things I am not the best at. If you follow them to a tee no doubt you'll have a beautiful modded Skyrim in no time!

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