Alternate Start Pack - TPS
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Alternate Start Pack - TPS

The first collection of my new series of collections: TPS - Tiny Packs Series. Featuring Alternate Start - Live Another life (ASLAL) and add-ons. Dozens and dozens of new start options available. It is version independent, as long as you are using the correct version of the Unofficial Patch for your game version.

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Simple collection featuring ASLAL and patches in the optional. I've lost count of how many different starts come with all these mods. The collection is aimed for the 1.6.353 version, but in fact, it should be version independent, you just have to have the new anniversary update, then downgrade to any version you prefer.

What are the optional mods?

Addons to ASLAL and patches.

  • Abandoned Prison Tweaks: changes the abandoned prison you start and changes the player starting spells and etc, there is a new locker with stuff you can customize your character with.
  • Cheeky Mara greeting: CJ's classical phrase, to suit your Skyrim's 100th playthrough
  • Locked chest have keys: the name speaks for itself


USSEP is in the collection, for version 1.6.353, if you've updated your game, you can update USSEP.

⚠⚠⚠ Incompatible with other alternate start mods such as

  • Skyrim Unbound
  • Alternate Perspective
  • Realm of Lorkham

Tiny Pack Series - TPS

This series of collections concern some very good mods and some dozen of other mods that depend on it, no more than 30 mods per collection. The objective is the main mod and main fixes for such mod with some cool mods and its patches in the optional. Currently, the TPS flagged collections are

My collections:


Vanilla Overhaul:

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Tiny Packs Series


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