A SFW Large VR Mod List

A SFW Large VR Mod List

A SFW edit to the popular VR Mod List by Aghosl

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This is an edit to the VR Mod List collection removing all of the NSFW mods, and adding in a couple of things I prefer. Just made this to stream with, and pass off to friends who ask for my list of mods. Make sure to chose to either use MageVR or Spell Wheel VR, I ran into conflicts attempting to use both of them, but your mileage may vary, feel free to test using them both out and see which one you prefer/if using both is less broken for you than it was for me.

Main features

Yeah idk, its got mage stuff and a lot of extra zones to explore. Comes with an alternate start mod that some might not find enjoyable, or find it a little overpowered. Feel free to omit if you want.

Before you start

SKSE IS REQUIRED - double check you installed SKSEVR

Double check that Vortex downloaded the correct version of the Unofficial patch, the latest 4.2.7 update DOES NOT WORK with the mod fixing it to work in VR. The 4.2.5 version seems to work just fine, and the list should hopefully download the correct one to start, but just be sure.

This pack also includes Dragonborn Speaks Naturally (Highly recommend continuing to use it makes the game very immersive). Make sure to head over to the mod page and follow the installation instructions, including the mod it requires that MUST BE MANUALLY INSTALLED.

Compatible collections

Technically VR Mod List is compatible, but if you want the missing 40 or so NSFW mods just use that collection instead.

Let me know if you try this and something breaks, or doesn't work

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