Tea, Flying, Quests and More!

Tea, Flying, Quests and More!

This collection is made up of a selection of mods I add when using Immersive & Adult + I&A Next-Gen Graphics AddOn as well as when I use Immersive & Pure Renewed.

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This Collection is just some mods I add to existing collections that I use.

Main features

Flying Animated Wings Tea Brewing Quests Equipment Player Home Visuals

Before you start

The only issue I have encountered is the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) is not included here as it is included in the collections I use. If using this collection without the others you may need to install it.

Attention! Until I figure out how to properly set the rules regarding compatibility with other mods please keep the following in mind.

  • Eye Normal Map Fix SSE loads AFTER Improved Eyes Skyrim SSE
  • Improved Eyes Skyrim SSE loads BEFORE FabULook Eyes SSE
  • Lux loads AFTER Rustic Windows

If using I&A Next-Gen Graphics AddOn Improved Eyes Skyrim SSE loads BEFORE the creatures eyes mod

As I run into new issues I will post more notes here. I will be trying to update the collection to simply avoid these errors in the future.

Requirements Technically none but I recommend using one of Canliberk's Immersive Collections

Best practices As a general rule try not to do anything while Vortex is installing a collection. Errors will pop in the notifications but ignore them until after the collection is DONE installing.

I also advise restarting vortex after you have installed any collections or mods BEFORE you try to sort out those errors. I have seen many errors simply stop being errors after rebooting like this.

Recommended specs

This collection should run on pretty much any Skyrim Capable system.

Compatible collections

Tested with Immersive & Adult + I&A Next-Gen Graphics AddOn as well as Immersive & Pure Renewed

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