Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry

Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry

Enhancing vanilla Skyrim AE with immersive and lore-friendly expansions of spells, spell learning, the College of Winterhold and life as a wizard.

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My goal with the Maximum Collections in general is to keep Skyrim as true to the original as possible, while at the same time carefully enhancing and expanding how the world looks, feels and plays to make it even more immersive for the player. With Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry the focus is on making life as a wizard much more interesting and convincing.

Main Features

The mods collected in Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry greatly expand on how spells are learned. No more "devouring" of spell tomes that immediately grants the "consumer" the spell in just one second. Now you must spend time studying a tome and learn a spell step by step (and you can keep the tome afterwards or sell it, because why would reading it destroy it?). Or you can analyze spells you already know and learn their attributes which can then be used to discover and train unknown spells. You can also increase your knowledge about spell attributes through experimenting with new alchemic ingredients and potions or the studying of (newly added) ancient grimoires, artifacts and enchanted items.

Additional lore-friendly spells from other Elder Scrolls games have been added and rebalanced together with all vanilla spells. A custom Mage Backpack can be discovered or crafted to carry all your new gear on your next magical expedition. Special equippable tomes can be created that add specific bonuses to the wearer. Spells now actually leave marks in the world and you can also extingish and/or (re)light all fires (which can now also damage you know if you get to close/walk over them) and candles in the world with the Frostbite and Flames spells.

And then there is of course a complete but lore-friendly overhaul of the College of Winterhold that is so much more convincing and immersive. So many details and flavors have been added and your journey and quests as a student of magic there are more immersive and engaging then ever!

Additional Infos/Instructions

  • The mod "Alchemy Journal" has not yet recieved a necessary update for Anniversary and therefore only works with pre-AE Skyrim SE 1.5.97 at the moment so I removed it for now until its updated.
  • In the optional/recommended section are compatibility patches when using certain mods that are not in this collection, but in one or more of my other "Maximum Collections".
  • This Collection is for Anniversary Edition (Revision 2 = 1.6.640; Revision 1 = 1.6.353), but if you really want to use it with pre-AE Skyrim SE 1.5.97 that's also possible. All Mods included either work for both or there are two version of the Mod for each game version, but you have to go look on their respective mod sites.

More Maximum Collections

First and foremost I wanted to provide modular collections because I assume many people don't want gameplay changes or only in certain areas and others don't want adult stuff. But all of them are part of a whole and meant to complement each other, so for even more immersion Maximum Spellcraft & Wizardry is best combined with any or all of its sister collections:

  • Maximum Immersion:
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  • Maximum Stealth & Combat:
  • Maximum Visuals & Sound (TBD)
  • Maximum HUD & Bugfixes (TBD)
  • Maximum Love (TBD)


If you have feedback on this or one of my other collections, suggestions for other mods fitting the repective themes I might have overlooked or if you encounter difficulties when installing or using the mods ingame please let me know in the comments. And if you like my collection and the mods included don't forget to rate and endorse both. ;)

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