Simple Big Mod Pack
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Simple Big Mod Pack

A mod pack focused on ease to plug-in & get started with minimal file manipulation, with many features & interesting changes from a variety of mod authors.

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May 26, 2022


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This is a large mod pack focused on revitalizing & changing Skyrim to bring out & enhance its best features. Whether you're a stealth, magic, or melee kinda person this modpack has something for you, along with making intersections between different play-styles smooth & synergistic. Also features mods that revitalize the world with new NPCs, fleshed out settlements, & new ways to interact with dungeons & enemies. Most importantly of all, this modpack does this while only requiring you to install one thing manually -- SKSE.

Main features

  • Expanded magic including new spells & systems
  • Refined stealth & archery mechanics
  • New dynamic options for melee
  • IEquip allows for Soulsborne style cycling through magic & weapons
  • Expansions to towns, cities, dungeons, & more
  • Fairly light graphical upgrades to not overwhelm your PC while still being pretty
  • New NPCs to liven up the world with new vanilla quest options
  • New lands to explore
  • Many quality of life additions to make the world & gameplay feel more smooth & alive
  • Use Middle Click to lock-on to enemies, & tap left control while moving to dodge roll
  • Refined 3rd person camera experince

Before you start

Ensure you have started up SkyrimSE fully at least once


  • SKSE. Go to & simply download the Anniversary Edition version. Drop the .exe & .dll files into your Skyrim Special Edition folder (the one with SkyrimSE.exe in it, you'll find this folder by right clicking on the game in Steam & going to properties, then local files, & click "Browse..."), then copy the Data --> Scripts folder into the Data folder of the Skyrim Special Edition Folder. Use skse64loader.exe as your method of launching Skyrim from now on.
  • This modpack. Download to your Vortex client, enable it, & then you should be good to start up using skse. Have fun!

Advanced Section

This is for if you really wanna get everything out of this mod pack. Not required, but nice to have.

Optional Requirements These are not required, but may enhance your experince.

  • Download Part 2 of SSE Engine fixes mod & place it into the same Skyrim Special Edition folder like you did with skse's .exe & .dll files
  • Download the program BethINI, place this folder into the same Skyrim Special Edition folder & run BethINI, follow the instructions in the program

Optional In-Game Extras

Once you make it through Helgen the mod pack will have fully loaded. From this point onward you can play & have a great time without issue, however if you feel like enhancing your experience more you absolutely can. Do so in the MCM Menu. This is the menu found in the same area where save, load, & settings are where you can change mod settings. Feel free to change this to your ideal, but here are my recommendations:

CGO - set the Unlock Grip hotkey to M4 (the left side button on your mouse) to allow you to switch between one-handing & two-handing weapons, then set Dual Wield blocking's hotkey to left alt to allow you to block while two-handing with something in your off-hand or dual wielding.

Death Alternative - go to player settings & enable the mod for different consequences when dying instead of reloading at your last save.

Diziet's Auto Outfits - set the outfits to automatically change into depending on the context to your heart's content

IEquip - go to General & Hotkeys and enable the mod. Exit the pause menu & wait for it to start up, then return to the IEquip menu. Under the same submenu set the main hotkeys (the column on the right) to 1, 2, 3, & 4. Under the Misc UI options enable both widget & name fadeouts. If there is a mod I recommend customizing the settings the most it is this mod as you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

Real Names - go to Basic Options & enable Strangers Mode along with Exclude Draugr & Exclude Corpses

Smooth Cam - go to Presets & load the first preset.

VioLens - enable Player Killmove Immunity

Recommended specs

This is my PC setup, it is likely you can run this with a "weaker" PC, too.

  • Intel Core i7-4790
  • 8GB of RAM


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