Simple skimpy list
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Simple skimpy list

simple mod list built to be modded on top

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Aug 25, 2022


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This describes the main purpose of this collection.

---a framework modlist that should have most script mods for you to mod to your hearts content This is my first collection and I am actively learning how to make collections. I based this collection off of Skimpy Bounce collection but I didnt like fnis because its outdated Nor the sexy statues

Main features

These are the core mods and main features of this collection.

--- Most scriptfunction mods and base physics and skimp mods

Before you start

Vital information regarding this collection. YOU WILL NEED SKYRIM AE


  • Non Pirated Skyrim AE ,SKSE 64 ,High Poly Face Bikini armor REMASTERED

Best practices

  • Also Go to to install SSE Engine Fixes correctly. you will need to download the second file that goes to your game Directory. Also go to your plug ins and activate fnis(needed for fnis sexy move)

Recommended specs

Hardware setup suitable for this collection.

  • GPU A 4gb Card but you can always downgrade Demoniac's Textures if you have a weaker card(how ever i do plan on adding a few texture mods later on) I have a RTX2060 GB
  • RAM I have 48GB but 8 should work, but i recommend 16
  • CPU I have a 8 core CPU but I think 6 should be fine for full SMP but you can always redownload 3BBA to use CBCP

Compatible collections

Other collections that can be installed alongside this collection.


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