NPCs and Encounters Expansion
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NPCs and Encounters Expansion

This collection aims to add more NPCs into the world and expand the encounters via some famous mods. There are just a few required mods and a large number of add-ons and tweaks and patches available. It does not edit any vanilla NPCs, just a few particular leveled NPCs. Please check the description for more details.

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As for the latest revision of the collection, the main mods are:

  • Interesting NPCs (aka 3DNPC)
  • Inconsequential NPCs (ported, I know it can cause some issues with Nexus, but the original download is required, I'll wait for feedback, if necessary)
  • Immersive World Encounters
  • SRE - Strange Random Encounters
  • STRIGOI - Enhanced Vampire Encounters
  • Immersive Patrols
  • Legion Signifier

The collection is fully patched and some mods come with FOMOD installers to patch accordingly to your load order. There are also many optional mods, and I suggest using them altogether.

It does not edit vanilla NPCs whatsoever, so it can be very compatible in this sense.

Any problem or inconsistency, please warn me on discord or via nexus forums.

There are a lot of patches and add-ons to these mods, I suggest looking into their mod pages, and their requirements sections, and then it'll link you to new mods.


  • Anniversary Update, if you don't own it, look for an older version of USSEP.

Completely version independent works for both SE (1.5.97) and AE (1.6.353).

What is in the optional

  • Visual Overhauls for some of the NPCs;
  • Mounted patrols;
  • Some immersive and cool mods and their patches with this collection, choose which ones do you wan.
Special Note on Optional Mods

There is Cutting Room Floor mod and its patches with other mods of this collection, be warned that this mod, not only adds but edits lots of stuff, including some world space in the Wilderness of Skyrim, it requires lots of patches that are distributed throughout Nexus, so be aware of that.

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Revision 1


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