Timelost Dwemer - Lesser

Timelost Dwemer - Lesser

For a low storage paced Dwemer playthrough. Have fun!

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The Mod Collection: Timelost Dwemer - Lesser The main purpose of this collection is to give the user a low end playthrough of a Dwemer.

Core Mods: Alternate Start (+New Beginnings), CGO, Diverse Dragons Collection, and Timelost Dwemer

Nothing is required, I would just say if you want this playthrough to be as fundamental to being a Dwemer, start off as an adventurer in Dwarven ruins.

All requirements are already in the mod list.

Not many recommended specs, this is meant for lower end laptops and PC's like myself and a average vanilla playthrough aswell.

Uncertain of other compatible collections, please do ask and I will test them out myself. Thanks!

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