Stardew Valley Visual Overhaul

Stardew Valley Visual Overhaul

A visual overhaul of Stardew Valley! This pack changes the look of almost everything from resources, to food, to fish, to NPCs! Map recolor included. This is to my own taste but there might be some others who like how this looks.

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This Collection

is a visual overhaul of vanilla Stardew Valley. This pack changes the look of all seasonal crops, fish, foods, resources, tools, animals, NPC portraits and sprites. Included is also a map and UI recolor. There is no change to gameplay as this collection simply focuses on giving the game a new look for those of us who have played a lot and want a change of scenery.

Key Features Are

  • Aimon111 for most of the overhauls of artisan goods, crops, resources, and more.
  • undare for the overhaul of gems, minerals, and ores.
  • StarAmy for the overhaul of all fish.
  • junimods for all "Elle's ..." files that change all animals, critters, and even buildings.
  • Gweniaczek for "Grandpa's Tools".
  • DaisyNiko for the "Earthy Recolour" of the whole map.

Needed Mods

  • SMAPI (For almost everything)
  • Content Patcher (For almost everything)
  • Generic Config Menu (To choose from Junimods "Elle's ..." series)
  • PyTK - Platonymous Toolkit (For thisislux "Lux's Food Mod")

I chose not include these 4 mods within the collection seeing as most will already have most, if not all of these, already within their game. If you do not, simply add these alongside this collection and you're good to go!

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Dec 26, 2022
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