Asexual and Aromantic Pride

Asexual and Aromantic Pride

Everything you need for the ace or aro farmer of your dreams!

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AT-Pride Banners

Pretty self explanatory here, allows you to put up pride banners with the help of Alternative Textures.

Prismatic Pride

Instead of prismatic gems and clothing being the standard rainbow, change them to your pride flag of choice! It also adds 10 shirt and 5 pant options to the game.

Platonic Partners and Friendships

From the mod page:

  • Allows you to use the config to designate a list of NPCs you want a platonic relationship with. Currently, only the 12 vanilla marriage candidates have platonic routes. SVE characters, including characters that exist in the vanilla game but are only marriage candidates in SVE, are not included at this time. All character-specific changes listed below only apply to the NPCs in this list, AKA your "platonic NPCs."

  • Allows you to have "best friend" relationships with any or all vanilla marriage candidates. Changes platonic NPCs' 8-10 heart dialogue and events to be consistent with a close friendship instead of a dating relationship. Removes the "jealousy"-related content that shames you for having multiple 10-heart relationships. Some new dialogue is added, including unique reactions to being gifted a bouquet or pendant.

  • Allows you to (optionally) have a platonic partnership with an NPC instead of marrying them. The "wedding" ceremony, the divorce book, all references to the mermaid's pendant, reactions from townsfolk, and post-marriage dialogue and events are adjusted accordingly (to the extent Content Patcher allows). Includes config options to specify a label for your relationship and a term of endearment for your partner to address you by. NPCs will treat platonic partnership as an established part of the "mermaid's pendant" tradition that is equally as important and meaningful as marriage. Alternatively, you can propose with the "Friendship Bracelet" item instead of the pendant to skip the ceremony and otherwise make your platonic partnership work more like being roommates with Krobus (dialogue and events are mostly unchanged from the pendant version of the platonic partnership).

  • Removes blushing from platonic NPCs' "love portraits," so that these portraits can be used to communicate affection and/or emotional vulnerability without romantic implications. This effect can be turned off.

Platonic Relationships

Get to 10 hearts with all marriage candidates without having to date them/give them a bouquet! Pairs really well with Platonic Partners and Relationships.

No Cooties

Another one that pairs well with ppar, this one turns kisses from partners (or roommates) into hugs just like you'd get from Krobus.

Free Love

Lastly, Free Love let's you invite multiple villagers to live with you. Perhaps you're married to one and using the mods above have a qpr with another. Perhaps you're managing Xenon Chip 3.0 in your off time and the whole band is living on your farm. You headcanon yourself as roommates with a married Haley and Alex. There are tons of possibilities for aro/ace people using this mod!

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