Mental's Stardew Experience

Mental's Stardew Experience

A collection of my favorite mods to add more play-depth and convenience without any 'cheating' mods.

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This is my Top\Best mod list. Mods are included to add playtime and some minor character depth. Some visuals are increased (Snowfall, etc.) and the UI is given a more subtle appearance while still adding more customization options, as well as more information at your fingertips.

I did NOT include any mods that felt like cheating. And I'm sorry but YES, I feel like 'Winter Grass' is cheating. No automation, no faster walking speeds. The game still plays and looks like Stardew, though I did get rid of annoyances like Fence Decay.

Main features

-Stardew Valley Expanded is Of Course included which brings a new map, new characters (Like Sophia) and more storylines

-Pressing F1 while mouse hovering over nearly anything will give you all you will ever need to know about that item\crop\character via the 'Lookup Anything' mod.

-Get character location live and on the fly with 'NPC Map Locations.'

-New look for animals (pets/barn/coop/town/wild)

-Get all the info on fish (previously caught) in the main menu.

-More dialogue.

-More information from the calendar.

And so on...

Before you start

Make sure SMAPI in installed correctly. I know that's pretty basic information around here, but Vortex never installs it correctly for me. I have to ALWAYS install manually. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Recommended specs

I run these mods on a pretty old and laughable PC. I don't think anything in this collection should weigh down your computer (PC or Labtop).

i3 6100 3.2Mhz Dual Core with 16g RAM, and an old Nvidea GT730 2g

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