Aesthetic Valley | CottageCore

Aesthetic Valley | CottageCore

This visual mod pack is designed to create a cottage aesthetic experience for Stardew Valley and Stardew Valley Expanded.

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There is an issue with Vortex right now, where if you tell it to "Skip" the recommendation/requirement pop-up modals, the mod will not enable. Until Vortex is fixed, here is a guide for installing this collection.

Click the "do for all" boxes and click Install. Expect a lot of red errors!

Uninstall (Remove/Delete) any of these mods which may be erroneously installed by Vortex through this collection:

  • AntiSocial NPCs
  • ModUpdater
  • NPC Map Locations
  • PrismaticTools
  • Seasonal Cute Characters
  • Small Beach Farm

I apologize for the inconvenience, I am working with Vortex staff to resolve this issue with the download client.

If you experience these issues please report using the Feedback feature inside Vortex! Giving a thumbs-down on the "Did this install correctly?" pop-up will not inform staff of a problem with the client, it only impacts how this mod is rated.

Please review optional mods when downloading! While not required, they are all recommended and work well together. All requirements for Stardew Valley Expanded are included in this collection. Installing ONLY required mods will result in a vanilla SVE experience!

How to Download and Install Collections using Vortex

Possible Conflict

You may need to solve this as a conflict, just have Generic Mod Configuration load before the Vintage UI.


Access the configuration menu from the button on the title menu, to make these recommended configuration adjustments for best results. All mods with the setting "DNEarthy" should be set, tho the phrasing on particular mods may vary slightly for the Daisy Niko Earthy Recolor.

  • Boogies Tidy Crafting Used to sort the crafting menu by size. Turn off Rare Seed/Burglar Ring and keep all other settings to OFF.
  • Configurable Cute Hit Marker color: pink, shape: heartthick, no checks (though you can really play with this!)
  • Medieval_buildings RecolourOverwrite DNEarthy, plus you may want to swap all "more" to "less" to reduce the flowers on buildings. Also recommended ShipBin option 2, steel and moss.
  • Medieval_Craftables RecolorOverwrite: DNEarthy
  • MSVE DNEarthy
  • Obelisks DNEarthy
  • Rustic Country Town Interior - White Structure ON -Simple Foliage Manual Recolor: DNEarthy
  • Way Back PT RecolorOverwrite: DNEarthy, BusChanged OFF

Select your choice of skins in Elle's New Horses, Elle's Town Animals, Farm Animal Facelift, Pet Facelift, and Warm Cozy Fireplaces!

Navigate to your installed mods and make this adjustment to enable replacing the Mariner with a Mermaid! Within the [CP] Seasonal Cute Characters > assets > Characters, change the name or just delete Mariner.png and then the mermaids should show up!

Want to visit some unique locations? Check out my other collections featuring original content expansions created by many talented developers!

Please note that while the contents of this expansion should be largely compatible with any of my other collections, some aesthetic effects may not effect that content. If installing with Stardew Valley Very Expanded consider the following changes for a more consistent play experience:

  • Disable Ana's Toned Down Sprites
  • Select between Grandpa's Farm or Immersive Farm 2 (only one can be active.)
  • Select between Lumisteria - Alternative Textures - Craftable or (CP) Victorian Craftables
  • Select between Lumisteria Short Flowery Grass or Wildflower Grass Field
  • Select between Elle's Barn/Coop animals or Farm Animal Facelift

Want to learn more about why this mod collection was created and talk to the creator? Join the SuperFriends Discord!

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