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Earth's Big Pack Of Fun

An aquantience of mine called Kasper really loves Stardew valley, they have an upwards of 270 mods installed. this is a list of their mods, but with not as much pizazz and a bit less lot-o-mods. also I took out the uhhh portrait mods, but they use DB Burger's I think. Anyway complete overhaul pretty much, ALSO no need to have a fret over fishing, its easier because no mini game. The minigame is terrifying. so no minigame.

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Jun 23, 2022


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This collection was made as a way to share with other friends online. It's a huge overhaul, and while some things may be a bit wacky wonky bonky, it is still fun, in my opinion. I do recommend adding in a time mod of some sort, because the days feel so much shorter than needed.

Main features

Includes Stardew Valley Expanded, East Scarp, PPJA mods, Always Raining in the Valley, and more! Lots of new marriage candidates, lots of new stories, and a lot of fun.

Before you start

I recommend looking for mods you consider essential to gameplay, and adding in whatever you don't see. CBJ item spawner is in, but the cheat menu is not. If you want to have multiple partners, getting a polyamory mod would be useful.


  • Stardew Valley

Best practices

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Recommended specs

Unsure, but make sure its strong!

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