The DLC Modding Experience

The DLC Modding Experience

East Scarp, Ridgeside, SVE, and everything needed to play them, plus some fun quirky stuff, a few minor aesthetic tweaks that retain the vanilla experience, and some Shane character tweaks for Shane lovers like me. And I have a lousy computer, so no extra

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This collection includes East Scarp, Always Raining, SVE, and Ridgeside. It includes everything required to play these popular mod expansions, which are so complex they feel like DLC, hence the name of the collection.


  • Anything involving Shane, he is my favourite npc but his vanilla self is a bit lacking, so mods for expanding him are included here. If you don't care for Shane, feel free to replace these with similar mods for your favourite spouse option. (or just skip them)
  • All the odd-ball stuff. No you do NOT need to download Applejack as your horse, or drinkable mayo, and you don't need to add cannabis to your game. But if you're like me, and enjoy spicing things up with some quirky mods, without damaging the vanilla experience, try these out. If not, skip them and you won't have any problem.
  • The cheats, you do not need to use them if you prefer a classic gameplay experience. They are here to help out new modders get all the must have mods in one go.

NOTE: if you have trouble getting the game to load after downloading my collection, try removing Ridgeside first, it slows things down by a lot due to the sheer number of npcs and the addition of a large new map section.

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Mar 22, 2022
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